gray water

garyfla_gwFebruary 15, 2013

Anyone one know of books or info on setting up plumbing runs for this purpose?? i maintain a very large aquarium with an auto water change and all that water is just going down the drain. What a waste!!! Thanks gary

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Since it is not covered by code you can do about anything you want.

Pump it into a barrel outside and water the garden with another pump in the barrel.

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Hopefully not a salt water aquarium?

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No,It's a 350 gallon FW tank though the water is maintained at a high pH. Was thinking of running the waste water to an outdoor Bog or marsh garden though the high pH might be a problem?? It changes around 25/30 GPD so talking quite a bit of water
Brick, all my barrels are full of rainwater lol Was thinking more of a gravity fed direct system since i live in s. florida don't have to contend with snow or ice so plumbing could be on the surface, seems a bit too much water for most plants?? gary

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