spring loaaded bath plugs

garyfla_gwFebruary 13, 2013

Couple of ?? about them.. Is there a way to remove it
from the pipe so that the sewer can be cleaned?? Second
is there a way to replace the rubber to stop leaks??
Drain has slowed and there's no way to use a plunger and the usual drain openers haven't worked . Thanks gary

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Canada and the United States share the same language and are separated by the English language. I don't know what a spring loaded bath plug is. However learned a great trick for unplugging drains where nothing else works. Pour a quarter cup of dish soap down the drain followed by a gallon or so of water brought to a simmer in a pot on the stove. May have to repeat a few times, recommended to repeat after 1 hour. Unplugged a toilet drain after 3 applications where snaking, liquid plumber, Drano, plunging didn't work.

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Ok, I think we're talking about a toe-tap drain cover, or whatever they're actually called. You can unscrew it, though usually one snakes from the overflow.. If ti's leaking , replace with a new one.

BTW, those things let hair get down the drain, leading to more frequent clogs. It may be old-fashioned, but you're better off with separate drain plug & hair catcher.

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"I don't know what a spring loaded bath plug is."

Typically you turn them 90 degrees with your toes while pressing down to close them, and then turn them back and they pop up.

They eliminate the need for the typical hand lever and linkage in the overflow shoe.

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No, that's a separate type. Some you simply push to close, push to open. Others have a small knob in the center and you must turn it some before it will fall closed, and then lift to open drain and turn knob so it will stay open and not fall shut when you let go. I find those harder to use than the spring-loaded or push/tap drains.

I like the strainer built into most drains that have the lever control on the overflow plate, but these fail often IME and refuse to close all the way, and may be difficult to replace if that happens since you need to usually replace the entire drain/overflow assembly. (yes I've tried the replacement inserts, have never had them work. Too many different kinds out there with different shapes and sizes).

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Homebound has it . I think the official name is a "toetap??
Serves as a strainer ,plug and fails at both purposes lol Somewhat like the lever activated but controlled by a spring.. i have tried to unscrew it but seemed very resistant and feared breaking the drain. Anyway will try the soap method because it has to be hair causing the blockage and since it's only used as a shower the leakage is not so important .. I thank everyone for the advice!!!! gary

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i tried the soap hot wateer method . 500 percent improvement!!! and cost a third of drain openers!!! Thanks very much gary

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