Flushing problems with low flush American Standard.

southerncanuckFebruary 11, 2013

Have had an American Standard 1.6 gallon toilet for a few years now and have always had periodic problems flushing solids. As my health has improved in the last few months, thankfully, I have also being having to double flush and plunge regularly. I do not know the style and it does not appear anywhere on the unit.

I can tell you that;

The throat opening is 2.75 (not 3.75) as posted before edit

The drain is 4" and goes to a 2000 gallon cistern

The drop is 1/4" per foot

It's vented 10 feet from the fixture, the maximum distance allowed by code.

When flushing at anytime the action in the bowl is very passive. I have seen other low flush units I can only describe as having 3 times the action when the tank is emptying.

Only 50psi from the pump to assist rinsing the bowl, shouldn't really affect the action greatly I believe, could be wrong.

Having some time on my hands now this problem is on my " to do list " and want to see what can be done if anything before I go out and spend money on a new unit. I suspect the vent should be closer to the fixture. The last thing I want to tackle as the drain is not accessible from below. Would have to break through foundation block to access the drain line in the non crawl crawlspace.
Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Johnny D

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Did you use the search function?

Here's one thread that might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: toilet flush problems

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"The drain is 4" and goes to a 2000 gallon cistern "

I think you meant septic tank rather than cistern. A cistern is a holding tank for fresh water, usually rainwater.

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No septic tank here. We use the term cistern or holding tank whether for sewage waste or water. Here a septic tank is the receiving tank before going into a septic field. Yes it can be confusing as on more than one occasion the sewage pumper folks have emptied a water cistern and contaminated it with a filthy hose. Generally we keep a lock on each tank filler and unlock the tank to be filled or pumped dry. And believe it or not people have been known to help themselves to water around here.

I will follow the link provided, thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the link homebound, I always forget the search tool. I did find some scale build up and cleaned out the underside holes. Nothing really plugged solid though. Also dropped my wifes compact into the toilet, oops.

I really think it's my problem only and without getting gross we had house guests over the weekend due to the storm and none of the other adults had a problem.

If this continues I am going back to a regular toilet of I can find one. There is nothing eco about flushing more than twice every morning, that is wasting water in the long run.

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Some low flow toilets perform very poorly, that was especially a problem when they first came out and (if I recall) especially a problem with American Standard.

Many perform very well, maybe a different make or model will solve you problem. My low usage toilets (with a power flush but not a compressed air mechanism) work much better than the old style that simply filled the large bowl with lots of water in the hope that all would go down.

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Thanks for all for the help, looks like a new toilet is in the future. I started shopping around for a better low flush. Two toilets kept coming up as best, Toto Drake and AS Cadet 3.

Will start a new thread re: recommendations

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I don't have the water saver toilet only because the plumber has advised me not to put one in the lower bath. But we are constantly experiencing flushing problems. I am looking for a toilet repair kit that will flush three or four times at one flush. I used to know someone who installed them in every toilet he had. He never had flushing problems (maybe a little higher water bill!). I am willing to pay more on my water bill just to eliminate this problem.

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