Help! Who has led lights in glass cabinet with wood shelves

cathy725March 2, 2013

Please help! I know I saw a picture on here with a glass front cabinet with wooden shelves and there was led lighting running vertically down both sides of the cabinet to light up the cabinet.

I want to do this in my cabinet. I thought I bookmarked the thread but now I can't find it.

If it's your kitchen or you know what I'm talking about could you please provide the link? Thanks!

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My butler's pantry cabinet has them. I didn't do them inside of the ones in my kitchen because the glass panel on the end made it so you could see the lights from the breakfast room.

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In the pic these are Hafele Loox 2013 (warm) installed in the corners of the cabinets vertically. We did not use the channels on these. Cut 1/2" wide strips beveled on each side (difficult to do) and installed in the corners to allow the light to spread better. Shelves were held back a 1/2" from the front.

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bee--what type of lights are in your cabinet?

jakuvall--that may work for us too.

I finally found the pictures I saw--they were from an old post that I can't seem to locate but I had marked someone else's clippings and it was in there.

Does anyone know what kind of lights these are?

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet lighting--better pic

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I believe those lights may be Kichler's--recall considering them. That set-up is quite expensive. I used the led tape lights at 2700 lumens (soft white) purchased from a specialty lighting store. My cabinet is only 36" wide so ran a strip up each side, and they meet in the middle at the top. I believe the transformer is on top of the cabinets. The tape was installed at the very front so that one edge of the tape butts up against the face frame. The shelves were installed the usual way with no modifications. The cabinet is very well lit. Only the top lights are seen if one is standing against the counter and then looks straight up so this method works quite well at keeping lighting out of the range of vision almost all of the time. I'm going to light a 48" wide open shelf cabinet in the familyroom and will use the same method except angle a triangular-shaped wood strip in each corner to disperse the light over a wider area as jakuvall mentioned above.

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mine are the maxim starstrand, they are on tape.

see link for a picture

Here is a link that might be useful: lights

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We put in vertical LED tape lights that dim. We do have glass shelves but they would work with wood shelves.
We were supposed to use standard lights but they were so back- ordered that they gave us the triple bright lights for the same cost.
Kimberly Triple Bright LED tape lights
They did require a transformer to dim them
3000K - so more white than yellow

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Thanks all! That will really help!

Reno starts in three weeks.

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Your cabinets and lights look great. We are also interested in installing these yellow light LED's (warm) in our cabinets. few questions......
Did you install Loox 2013 warm under your cabinets as well or only in the vertical cabinets. If you did so, do you find the lights intensity sufficient under the counters or is it on the dimmer side? The reason i ask is that i am looking at the Loox 2013 as well, but i see that there is a high intensity Loox 2015 product that is much brighter. The LED's are bigger and spaced apart instead of being smaller and closer as in the Loox 2013. Which also concerns me with uneven lighting rather than uniform lighting as in the Loox 2013. also, did you install these on the underside of the light rail or on the underside of the cabinets itself and can you see the LED bulbs shine/reflect off your countertop surface? I am quite confused. If you can shed some light on this, that would be really helpful. Thanks so much.

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In cabinet are 2013 with NO track, under cabinet are 2015 in a track. Track is set at an angle of about 30 degrees if I remember. (Have to check drawing.)
For some people the 2013 put out enogh light to keep them happy. I typically use the 2015.
Since counter is not very dark reflection is not very noticeable. A deeper track is available that cuts the reflection of individual bulbs. No dimmer was used, we intended one but they are a bit annoying in paractice. The direction you rotate your finger on the dimmer changes. Haven't found a solution to that yet.

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Thanks. Quick followup, when you say track, is it one of the aluminum profile frosted covers offered by Hafele. I am guessing that these aluminum surface mounted covers can eliminate the bulb reflection.
Is it not a good idea to simply stick the LED strips to the underside of the cabinets without the frosted aluminum covers? suggestions??

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Yes the AL tracks. Standard depth cuts down bulb reflection some, deeper one almost completely. I prefer to use the tracks when I can- clean look AND there is a clear plastic strip in the bottom of the track that makes for excellent adhesion of the light to it. It can be removed and replaced if at some point a run of lights should fail and need replacement. Tracks list for $48 for 8 ft so not a big expEnse. Can find em 15-20% off list.

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Ok, that makes sense. I am assuming that the AL track can be cut into smaller sections if needed, since they don't sell in smaller sizes. I see that there is an angled track, that seems to be surface mounted, i might check into that. Also, it would be nice if they sold the strip lights in a smaller size like 3 ft or 5 ft. I don't see that being offered on the internet either. I will need to look further to see if per ft sales are available someplace. If you know of a place, please do share. I will try the dimmer switch as i like the fact that its integrated. Hopefully it will work fine.
Your cabinets in the picture depict the light as being yellow, just want to make sure that is right and not an illusion. I see a lot of LED lights that emit really bright white light, and i sure hope that these Loox 2013 warm white strips are not white as well. Thanks!!

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The angled track is meant to be recessed.
Lights are not yellow. Color temp is 3000k or 3200K don't remember. Typical for "warm" LEDs if they when they tell the truth (not always so a few clain lower color temps but don't look it to me IRL).
Warmer ones will be available in a few years, they just discovered a new phosphor to use.
Only comes in rolls. For shorter lengths you have to look at other series or brands.

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ok, i might have to actually see it before i buy it in that case. Because if the light color is white, that is not going to work for me. If its not too much trouble, could you post a picture of your cabinet in the night with the ceiling lights turned off and the in cabinet and under cabinet lights turned on. Thanks again for your insights.

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You will have to go see them. That picture is at a clients home.

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No worries. Thanks for all your input.

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I had no problem finding multiple sources for LED strip lights of various colors. Our electrician had samples of 5000K and 2700K, both of which we hated. The 2700K was so warm. In fact I can't imagine even warmer lights. The 5000K was way too blue white. We ended up getting something between 3500 and 4000K (I can't remember) from a local lighting store. They also lent us samples so we could test them at home with our counter and backsplash samples as well as in our cabinets (we're using it for in-cabinet and undercabinet lighting). The intensity of the light also makes a huge difference in how the color appears and even such minor details as the background color of the strip. We found the white strips to seem brighter than the copper colored strips (I assume this is a reflection issue)? So your best bet is to find a place that has lots of options. I'm linking to which is just one of many places that has several options (and you can order somewhat expensive sample kits if necessary).

There's a ton of discussion (much of which was way over my head) on the lighting board about LED strips too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Environmental Lights

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thanks for your email. I will check out the link. I liked the Hafele lights as I have heard good things about them. The Maxlite bars are good too. Since i want the warm yellow light, its key that i go and see the light output as a local store that carries these products and sample them as you mentioned, that seems the best idea. I think the 3200K Hafele Loox 2015 LED strip lights might work for me, as it emits a yellowish glow that its not too yellow and not white at all and it can be put on a dimmer switch. Hopefully thats the case, I should know more this week once i see it. thanks again.

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beekeeperswife, could you possibly take a picture of your cabinet with the doors open. I really like the look and will have one cabinet with glass doors and wood shelves, currently with no lighting. I like the thought of lighting from the front. Your kitchen is beautiful!!

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