Meatloaf pan?

donnas_gwDecember 7, 2012

I have been using the teflon coated loaf pans for making meatloaf. After several uses, the teflon starts to peel off. Is there a better pan to loaf pan maybe?? Would it bake more even? Thanks.

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I either use glass or just form a loaf on a cookie type sheet pan. My other loaf pan is just aluminum. I don't have issues with it sticking so I don't see a point in using that non-stick stuff.

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I use a Pyrex glass loaf pan that I've had for years.

You said that after only "several uses" the teflon started to peel off? It sounds defective to me. I'd get rid of it.

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Sorry teresa mn...I did get rid of the pan. Just wanted to know if there were other kinds of pans that I could use.

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I have 2 different kinds. My less favorite is the 2 pan system where the top pan just has some holes in the bottom to drain the fat into the bottom pan. My favorite one first of all is wider than a traditional loaf pan and makes some interesting bread. The design of it is very similar to the "As Seen On TV" version where the inner part does not have sides. Mine differs also though in that the bottom is, what's the word, sort of a corregated, rounded off with large holes in the bottom for draining. It's also a much heavier weight and the design of it makes it far more rigid than the "ASOTv" ones. I got it at Kmart probably 30 years ago. Bought another for my sister who wouldn't use it for years (she's stubborn), then finally tried it and fell in love with it. The pan is nonstick and the inner rack is enameled I think. It's tough and has served me well.

The other nice thing is I often forgo the bottom pan. I put the rack part onto the Nesco rack and the long sides get better exposure to get a crust that I happen to like.

Sometimes when I'm lazy, I just cover the Nesco rack with HD foil and poke some holes in it. It really works quite well to keep it from braising in the fat.

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OK, sort of off topic but I just got a chuckle thinking about how maligned meatloaf is. I've always liked many to most meatloaves (meatloafs?) but a lot of people criticize it, claim to never touch it, insult it, yet there's still a lot of them made and a lot ordered in restaurants! It just strikes me as funny.

Speaking of which, that could be a good meal for this weekend. Snow, blustery, chilly and meatloaf with a movie could be enjoyable.

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No harm done donna! I love my 30++ year old Pyrex loaf pan for meatloaf and a number of other things.

As I empty my cupboards for my kitchen remodel I am re-assessing equipment. If it can't be used for multiple things I'm getting rid of it. Butter molds - outta here! I used to entertain alot and used them quite a bit.

The Pyrex pan will be staying of course.

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I got a ceramic oval pan for 5 bucks on sale at Target. We use it for our turkey meatloaf and also "wheatloaf" that I make vegetarian. We love meatloaf! When well made and seasoned it is quite a treat.

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I just use a shallow baking dish and make 2 small loaves, I take it up on a platter as soon as I take it out of the oven to avoid it sucking up the grease. We like it crusty all around and 2 loaves gives us more than 1 meal....often use one for the freezer.

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Was looking at my bakeware and I did find a white shallow ceramic baking dish that I can use. My mom got it for me several years ago for Christmas and I have never used it. It is app. 8 1/2 X 11, and 3" deep. Never did know what to use that dish I know.

We love meatloaf, but, with the teflon pan that I had been using, the top would always get done before the inside. After about 55 minutes, I would take it out of the oven, the top would be brown and a little crusty, but I would still see blood oozing out (sorry, I know that sounds gross).

What is the correct temp to set the oven for? I was baking mine at 400 degrees for just under an hour, but decided to try 375 degrees because of the top getting done before the inside. I like mine done inside...don't care for pink undercooked ground beef.

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I have good luck with a foil lined cookie sheet or foil lined roasting pan. I try to remember to put a couple of pieces of stale bread in the pan to sop up the grease. Meat loaf is one of my star in the kitchen items, as my family loves my meatloaf. I guess that using a loaf pan would have the meat loaf be sitting in it's own grease, and, long ago, I used loaf pans, too. I don't see how taking the meat loaf out of the oven as soon as cooked could have an impact on the grease. It just cooks thoroughly, but still in the grease.

Uh, oh, ducking, the comments.

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Donna - is your oven working properly? It seems strange that the top would be done and the middle still bloody. I bake meatloaf at 350 degrees.

Westsider - I don't find my meatloaf produces much grease/fat at all. I buy 95/5 beef however. And I remove it from the loaf pan to cool and then slice.


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Well, one disadvantage of a ceramic or cast iron pan is they don't transfer the heat as quickly as an aluminum pan. On the other hand, they cook more evenly. So you do have to adjust your cooking times and temps. to suit what kind of pan you use. Particularly with something that browns like meatloaf. I know we had to cook our meatlof much longer than the instructions said when we switched to the ceramic pan. I like the idea of making the free form loaves, but we use ground turkey for our meatloaf and it is kind of mushy, it wouldn't hold it's shape. You can also buy really nice steel loaf pans and line them with parchment paper. I love the stuff, it solves a lot of my baking problems! I can use my cheapo steel cookie pans with parchment paper and I don't have the burning problems I had when I used them without the paper. Might work for your meatloaf pans too. I don't know about the grease problem, maybe just switch to a less fatty meat? I don't know much about meatloaf, we make ours with ground turkey or a vegetarian version.

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teresa, I have no problem making cakes in my oven. When their baking time is up, I use a toothpick to check the center, and they are always done. So I guess it is working ok. (I really don't do alot of baking). I found my meatloaf recipe online, and it said to bake it at 400 degrees, so I've been baking them at that temp.

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No...I am wrong, sorry. Just checked my recipe and it does say 350 degrees. I must have turned the temp up thinking it would get done faster. Like I said, I don't do that much baking, and I really don't like to cook LOL.

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I use a rimmed aluminum cookie sheet (called a quarter sheet pan) with a piece of parchment paper on it for easy clean up. I make a doughnut shape so it cooks evenly through.

I'm making venison and pork meatloaf for dinner. The deer meat is from SonIL's harvest on our property so it is really "local".


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I make a Mexican meatloaf with either jalapenos or green chilies that is really good. I use a silicone loaf pan. I know alot of people are against those kind of pans but I like them because nothing sticks. I use to use a plain metal pan and line it with foil that came up and over the sides so I could lift it out easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: silicone loaf pan

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I form mine, freestyle, and put it on a small slotted broiling pan so the grease drops down to the foil-lined pan under it. In our kitchen, if all the meat is at or close to room temp, it cooks more evenly that cold right from the fridge.

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