pex to pvc and cpvc

nirvanamike06February 23, 2011

Im adding a new bathroom and decided to run pex since it will be easier than glueing a bunch of fittings in. I was wondering how to break off my main pvc lines. I looked at shark bite and gator bite but neither say they are for pvc and id really like to get somehting better than a push in fitting. maybe i just saw to many chinese finger traps break when i was a kid.... i was wondering if i could glue a threaded male fitting on the pvc and then screw either one of those pex swivel fittings or should i just use a regular brass fitting. what have yall been using to jooin pvc and pex? thanks.

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Threaded adapters.

Be sure to use male on PVC or CPVC ONLY.

Female fitting have a nasty habit if splitting.

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ok thanks i wasnt sure ive seen some places that had actualy fittings that were pvc on one end and pex barbed on the other but i couldnt find any at any stores. thanks.

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