Do I need shower cartridge replacement?

marcelliFebruary 11, 2011

Called a plumber today to look at our shower. Recently (last 2 months) the hot water has taken 5+ minutes to come on. When it does, comes only at the very highest temperature. The sink in the same bathroom gets hot water much faster; the bathtub in the adjacent shower/bath gets hot water right away. Plumber immediately said the shower cartridge needs to be replaced. He wasn't able to take care of it today, but said he could do it as a weekend job for $400. I've looked up shower cartridge replacement online and nothing anywhere says anything about water temp and shower cartridges. There is no leak. The knob seems to work as it always has. Would a cartridge replacement solve the hot water problem? Thanks.

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$400 to change a shower cartridge!!?? Find someone else.

Best to be able to give them the make and model ahead of time so they have the cartridge on hand when they arrive.

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So the price is wrong; is the diagnosis right? Would a bad shower cartridge cause the temperature problems?


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What brand is it? It may be the problem it's hard to tell, you may just need a line flush by just removing the Cartridge. Changing the Cartridge should take less than a half hour plus cost of Cartridge, usually under $40 for a Cartridge. $400 is very high for changing a Cartridge. Some brands will send you a replacement for free if you are the original purchaser of the Shower Valve and Cartridge.

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keep in mind that many plumbing manufacturers have a lifetime parts replacement policy

look up your model and call them!

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