Grub under cat's skin?

kcook969June 26, 2007

I can't explain it. I was petting my cat yesterday, and I found his right flank was sore right up by where the tail joins the spine. I looked and just saw what appeared to be a scab, perhaps from a play-fight with my other cat (neither are declawed). They usually go till one squeals and then they let go.

The other possibility is a fight with a big grey stray that comes around. I've tried scaring it off, but it keeps coming back.

Today I checked and its open. A hole, about the size of a Q-tip. I put hydrogen peroxide on it with a Q-tip to clean it out, and it would probably go inside. There was a bit of puss inside. I also poured some peroxide in the wound, and it seems to be quite deep, possible going over the spine.

He seemed sicker yesterday and better today, mood wise.

I'm thinking some kind of grub or something. I had a grub removed from his face last year but that wasn't an open wound.

Anyone eles seen anything like this?

BTW: I am taking the cat to the vet tomorrow morning most likely.

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Never seen anything like that before, but I think seeing the vet seems like a real good idea!

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Are you talking about a bot fly? Their larvae burrow under the skin of a host animal where they develop into a fly. At that time they leave the host. My sister had a rabbit that got them occasionally. From what I understand, they have to be removed very carefully because if the larvae is stressed it gives off some kind of toxin that can kill the host.

If the insect has left your cat, he's probably ok now, but I would get the vet to check for any additional infection.

Here is a link that might be useful: bot flies

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Yep, sounds like a bot fly. Sounds like maybe he is getting an infection, as deb has mentioned.

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That's why we have vets.

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Well I didn't take him to the vet today. He was worlds better this morning. I checked and its closed up again. I think he must have just chewed it open before I looked yesterday.

Has has chewed off the hair there. Its still tender, but not half as bad as yesterday.

I will monitor him over the next few days and if he starts getting sicker, I'll take him. I'm also keeping him indoors unless I'm out with him, and only for short trips.

I'm treating the wound with a mild antibiotic cream and peroxide. Seems to be helping. I added a little "bitter apple" to the mix to keep him from licking it off.

(I don't advise people mixing their own medications like I do. I'm trained on how to do it safely.)

My kitty:

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Update. Well, I decided to be safe and took him to the vet.

Good thing I did. Its not a grub at all. He'd been bitten by another cat, (probably that fat grey stray) and it got infected and abscessed. He got his butt shaved today and will be staying overnight to have a drain put in. I'll pick him up tomorrow morning, and bring him back to the vet on Saturday to have it removed.

Oh, he's not going to be a happy kitty, I have to keep him in a collar so he doesn't chew it. I also have to get him to take 2 antibiotic pills a day. Thats a major pain.

Anyone have a good way of getting pills down a cat? I use a pill shooter and it works ok, but he'll sometimes spit them up. He's to smart to fall for putting it in his food.

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The Pill Popper works best for us. You do have to get it far back in the throat.

That picture is great. It says to me, "Stop following me with that camera! Can't you see I'm hunting?"

Hope he feels better soon.

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I'm glad you took him to the vet and he is going to be fine. Abcesses left untreated can go internal and most cats die from them then. He is really a pretty kitty.

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I have to give my cat a pill everyday, and this is the method I found that works best.

Place the cat on the kitchen counter so that she is facing the wall and her behind/back is up against you (she should be sitting). Wrap your left arm around her, almost like a hug. Tilt her head back and use the left hand to pinch open the mouth. Using your right hand, drop the pill into the back of the throat. This takes me about 5 seconds total. I think it works because they can't see you approaching with the pill.

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Sorry you're kitty has an abscess, the poor baby.

We use pill pockets (yummy "candy" coatings to put kitty pills in) they come in beef and chicken as far as I know. I've been able to fake-out 3 kitties with them. Never heard of them until I had to give one of mine Baytril a couple of years ago. I only had one who figured it out and spit out the pill and ate the pocket (smart old lass)!

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I give my cat a thyroid pill daily. It's a very small pill . I stick it in a bit of butter (one-quarter of a pat) and she eats it right up, er, down.

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I used to give my cats tapeworm pills with butter, the result is I can leave a cube of butter out on the counter and no one will lick on it. LOL

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I have the cat standing sideways in front of me, with his tail to the right and his head to the left. I put my right hand over the top of his head, grasping his upper jaw with my thumb and middle finger. I'll be holding the pill or pills, if they're small, in my left thumb and forefinger. I use my left middle finger to pull down his lower jaw, so that his mouth opens up, then I pop the pills in with my thumb and forefinger, putting them as far back as I can get them, and trying not to let them go off to the side. Then I hold his mouth shut a second, and before letting him go, I open his mouth again, the same way, then let him close it. He will usually swallow after I've opened his mouth the second time. If I'm not sure he swallowed them I'll check again. Then when I let him go I watch him a minute to see if he's going to spit them out. Sometimes if one has ended up in the side of his mouth, he'll spit it out. That's how the vet tech did it and works well for me. Before he got used to it, he'd try to back up, so with my right arm, I would sort of put my elbow down towards his rear end to block him from being able to back up. Luckily, he was the right size for my arm to keep him in place that way. I had a smaller cat that I couldn't hold down very well that way. She was shorter in length.

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