Getting my first water softener!

jkatsFebruary 16, 2013

Hi all,

I'm getting ready to purchase my first water softener, and all my googling seems to keep leading me back to this place - seems to be the place to be if you want the real scoop on softeners! I've done a lot of research so I think I have a good idea of what I need, but I'd like to be sure. Hoping someone can confirm my plans, or tell me I'm way off base and provide some recommendations.

Here's my details:
- 2 bathroom house
- no jacuzzi or anything like that, only a dishwasher and a washing machine
- 4 people
- max flow rate seems to be outdoor hose @ ~12gpm
- 3/4" plumbing

Now for my water. This data comes from a Quality Report done by the city. There are 6 water sources that combine, and the data is provided as ranges, so I took the weighted averages of all the sources.

- hardness: 14.6-28.8 gpg (avg 22.7 gpg)
- iron: 0
- manganese: .0045 ppm
- not sure how to average pH, so here's the weighted data of each water source to give you an idea:
---- (38%) 8.2
---- (1.6%) 8.3
---- (0.4%) 8.0
---- (20%) -
---- (25%) 8.22
---- (15%) 8.14

Regarding the hardness, it's a really wide range, so I wasn't sure what to base my sizing on. I called the city water dept. and the girl I talked to said to use 21 gpg, but I take that with a grain of salt (no pun intended). I also wasn't sure how many "gallons/day per person" to use because my water bill over the past few months calculates to between 100 and 133 g/d per person. I don't know how much of that to write off for garden watering, etc., but that number is way over the 75 g/d that seems to the accepted standard. In any case, here are calculations I came up with if I stick w/ the 75 g/d standard:

assuming average of the hardness range:
4people x 75gal x 23gpg x 7 days = 48,300 grains to be removed per week

assuming max hardness:
4peeps x 75gal x 29gpg x 7 days = 60,900

If I assume the first calculation, I probably need 2.5 cubic ft of resin.
If I assume the latter, I probably need 3.0 cubic ft. (btw, I noticed Ohio Pure Water doesn't list 3.0 as an option - do they offer "made to order" systems?).

I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations on my scenario. I'd also be interested in anyone's advice on whether to go w/ the fleck 7000SXT or the 2510SXT, and also whether the vortech tank is preferable or not.


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Go with the 2.5 cuft softener. Even if your city uses the worst well for an extended period of time, you would regen every 6 days if you reset the softener for that occurrence.

I do not recommend a vortech tank. It simply adds one more piece of equipment that increases your expense while reducing reliability. They are a great deal for the softener sellers, however, as they cost more but are cheaper to ship than a gravel underbed that serves the same purpose and does it very well.

I would go with the Fleck 7000sxt. It has proven to be very reliable and is a bit less expensive than the 2510sxt.

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Thanks aliceinwonderland - I will follow your advice. btw, I appreciate the pages and pages of advice you've provided to the countless readers of this forum - I cannot begin to tell you how much I've been able to learn in a short amount of time, thanks to you. I'm actually helping several relatives get water softeners as well. I "wow" them with my knowledge of the science of softeners - they all think I'm a genius! If only they knew...

Anyways, I would venture to guess that you've collectively saved the readers of this forum hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years of headaches. So from one appreciative reader - thank you for donating your invaluable knowledge and experience to this forum.

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