cats and my 1 dog

mfuscJune 27, 2013

my girlfriend has moved in about 6 months ago she has 2 cats I had a cat and a dog which both get together fine we slowly integrated her cats with my pets and they seemed to be fine one is very shy and has just broken out into being a wonderful cat the other seemed to pick on my cat and just avoid my dog but nothing serious just in the last week or so her cat has started to lash out at the dog very aggressively to the point where well have to wrap her in a blanket to get her away my dog is very well mannered and pays no attention to the cat but the cat has been flat out chasing and attacking the dog and she trys her best to avoid contact with cat but it seems the cat seeks it out were at a loss of what to do and feel bad locking the cat up afterwards I should have mentioned my dog and cat are fixed but the cat lashing out is not any ideas would be helpfull thankyou

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I'm sorry you are having this trouble and know how upsetting it is when pets don't get along.

I would suggest getting the aggressive cat fixed right away. You need to try this because kitty might hurt the dog to say nothing of how miserable it must be for the dog. When kitty is fixed, you can talk to the vet about the behavior problem to see if s/he has any additional suggestions. I would recommend that and also after the surgery, be sure kitty has toys, and play with him/her with a fishing pole toy.

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