Just a funny dog story.....

kitasmommieJune 19, 2010

When we first got our Akita, we went to puppy school. The trainer told us the following story:

He was sitting watching TV late one night when someone knocked on his door. He opened the door to find an angry man with a very large wolf mix dog. The man handed the trainer the leash and said "Fix him!".

Apparently, when the dog was very young, Mom would take the dog into the shower with her - on a regular basis, hoping to adjust him to bathing.

The dog was very well mannered, didn't mess with anything in the house when left alone and had originally been trained by this trainer - so he was really a good boy.

Well, Mom & Dad went away for a day - only to come home to a flooded bathroom. Flooded so badly, the subfloor was saturated, along with a good 6" up the wall of drywall. Of course, the water also seeped out onto the hallway carpet, and being on the second floor, also dripped into the dining room below.

Appears that doggy got bored & decided to take a shower.

Guess Mom should have also taught him how to turn it off and not to close the drain by stepping on it.

As I understand it, doggy no longer showers with Mom & the owners have redesigned their bathroom so the dog no longer has access to the tub.

Poor boy - he was only imitating what Mom did.

But, oh my, can you imagine if you came home to that?

How do you explain that one to the insurance company???

My Kita often goes into my shower stall at night - but fortunately, she doesn't know how to turn it on (I think).

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Cute story. I once knew someone who had to put on lock on the fridge because their GS knew how to open it LOL

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That is a funny story and a good reminder not to leave our pets unattended for very long.

One of our cats loves drinking drips from the bathtub faucet. If he could turn on the water himself, we'd surely be flooded.

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Our great dane used to be able to turn the floor fan on. He'd then sit with his butt on the chair in front of it and enjoy. Also had a cat with a toilet paper fetish. She'd tease the end of the roll within reach of her mouth, grab the end and run with it, unrolling the paper behind her.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

We once had a cat that would get into the pantry and pull out every roll of paper towels and do battle with them by bearhugging them and kicking the daylights out of them with his back feet! Very messy to come home to. :)

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