The Mailman (lady) that loves dogs........

kitasmommieJune 17, 2013

I've always considered myself to be one of those who expects the best out of people......and unfortunately very let down when I discover what a..holes they can be - but I was so uplifted today when the mail lady came to the door (she's not our regular carrier & she didn't have a package to deliver). She asked if we owned a big white dog. Of course, right behind me was my white Akita, pushing me out of the way to figure out who came to visit (Kita's blind - but loves visitors). She had been delivering a couple streets over from us & saw a large white dog running loose. The dog followed her truck thru the neighborhood. She was able to note that the dog had a collar, but no tag. Instead of heading back out to the main road (she was afraid the dog might get hit), she called the main post office to ask who in our neighborhood owned a big white dog. They directed her to our house. Obviously, it wasn't our big white dog, but this beautiful white shepherd is now in our back yard. I've notified all the local vets & the local rescue that we have her. Also posted her pic at a couple of the nearby intersections. I'm positive her owner will be in contact soon.
But - I'm still smiling that the mail lady went so far out of her way to make sure this dog was safe. She's also aware that our dog pound is a high kill shelter - particularly large, adult dogs (yes - I'm working on that one!!)
If I don't see her on our route tomorrow, I'll definitely call the post office because thru all this - I forgot to ask her name.

Please make sure your pets have ID tags. I've had a couple of escape artists in the past & there's nothing better than getting that phone call "I have your dog".

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

What a great story. I hope you find the shepherd's owner quickly and it was nice of you to do that too!

Good advice about making sure to have ID tags. My two never leave home without them.

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I wonder if you could take the dog to the nearest vet and ask them to run the scanner over to see if it has a microchip?

what a lovely mail lady, obviously an animal lover to go so out of her way to make sure the dog was safe

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Update - "Mrs. Beasley" went home with her Mom last night. Mrs. Beasley??? I didn't notice she was wearing glasses.......

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Yay, a happy ending. Well done!

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As a retired mail-lady, your story has made my day! These days when we hear/read so much that's negative, it's great to hear something GOOD!
I used to try to make friends of all the dogs on my route, and with few exceptions, they were happy to see me. One of my fellow mail carriers once found a lady's lost dog, who was several streets away, put him in the mail truck and brought him home.

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