pull out above wall oven

ali80caMarch 17, 2013

Does anyone have a set up like this. I saw it at a home show yesterday and my husband's immediate response was "that would be a great place to store cereal boxes". In our house he is correct!


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I use that area for baking tray, cooling rack, griddle pan, and cutting board overflow storage.

The area just inside the cabinet does get quite warm sometimes from my Wolf ovens. I wouldn't want cereal or any other food item stored in that area now that I see the kind of heat that emanates from the ovens. (And these are very expensive ovens so it's not that they lack insulation.) Show homes are not necessarily well-designed homes. Will you have a pantry for food storage? Can you store cereal there?

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breezygirl, in your experience of this set up, is it just the floor of that over-oven cabinet that gets warm, or the whole space up there? I'm wondering if a layer of thin, flat insulation might help in the bottom of that pullout that Alison showed. What would you think about how that might work?

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Looks like the pic you posted have a microwave below it so heat is probably less of an issue. To me it looks like a great place to store paper towels.

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I am putting 2 of these above my fridge - full extension, the depth of the fridge. I plan to put cereal in one, paper towels/tissues/napkins in the other. Mine won't have a shelf, as the photo shows, so the vertical pieces will go all the way to the top. I have tray storage elsewhere.

Currently, I have a 12"-deep cabinet above the fridge, and we pile stuff on top of the fridge, so to use that space I have to move everything, then get a chair to reach. I am really looking forward to being able to use this space!

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Breezy, I have a large pantry in which I can store cereal. We are fortunate to have an small room off the kitchen that used to be a bathroom that will become a pantry. It was the immediate response of my husband to it that got my fancy. The other half of the cabinet was storage like you have above your ovens. Annkh and lyfia I agree...paper towels and stuff would work there also

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Fori is not pleased

I like it.

I'm tired of surrendering all the tall storage to the tall spouse!

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in my current kitchen, above the fridge is used for cookie sheets etc, but sometimes the taller people in the family put them in too fully and it is difficult to reach them, so while I don't mind having "overflow" stuff up there I like the idea of a pullout that is easier to reach. I would do away with the shelf also Annkh

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