Has anyone added stain to polyurethane??

lenagirlMarch 12, 2009

I'm having my floors screened tomorrow. I would love to make them a little darker - Has anyone ever added stain to poly- Did it make a difference?? Any feed back would be helpful!



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Yes it can be done. Minwax also sells a product that is called Poly-Stain or something like that. Some like it, some don't. If you have a custom stain already made, try it out in the poly you plan to use. Mix it well, and continue stirring during your application.

Woodwork Safely,
Jim Barry

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Circus Peanut

I'd try a dye like the TransTint dyes, they dissolve in both alcohol and water -- not sure about mixing an oil-based stain with a water-based poly.

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Unless they are using an oil based poly. Like you said, a water based X will not mix with an oil based Y.

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Does it matter if it is a different color stain. My floors are golden oak and I know when they screen it is lightly sanded (I guess just enough to take off the poly) so will it look bad if i go like a shade darker. Also they will have the poly so do I need to just buy the stain?

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We have a 50/50 mix of Early American stain and poly on our maple floors. It went on beautifully. Just remember that it will be a much lighter color on your floors than the full strength stain.

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If you want your floors darker, why not take them down to wood and stain so you get exactly the color you want, then poly?

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We just had our floors done two years ago - the only reason why we are doing this is because of some water damage. It's a long story that involves our insurance. I wish i would have gone darker when we did our floors - it's just too soon to redo.

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If your insurance company is involved, why not find out what they are paying per square foot for the work. Most of them will let you pay the difference to get what you want.

So if the screening is, for example, $1.50 per square foot and the full finishing is $2.00 per square foot, you could get the dark floors you want for $0.50 per square foot.

Just a thought!

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We were going to do that - but the floor company didn't recommend redoing the floors so soon. You are limited on how many times you can sand to the wood - so this is something for now. I'm hoping this would darken them just a little and i would be happy.

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The Minwax product that woodchuck mentioned is called "Polyshades" but it's not appropriate for flooring because it would chip, revealing the color of the wood underneath.

The right way to darken your floor is to do it in two steps -- stain it, then put on a coat of poly.

If you're having this done, the contractor can give you more information.

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