Painting a mural on closet doors?

vdinliMarch 18, 2009

DS's room has a wide closet running an entire wall-about 9'. The room by itself is very small (9'X9" incl closet).

To break up the expanse of doors, we were thinking of painting a mural on it. Have you ever done it? or seen it somewhere?

We might do bifold doors as it would allow us access into the closet without taking up critical floor space. We currently have sliding doors on that is painted the wall color. If we do the bifold door, should we paint it the wall color or the trim color?

Another q: where do I get flat bi fold doors-I guess the raised panel/louvred ones are more popular as that's all they carry in the stores around here.

As always, TIA for your opinions and suggestions.

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"We might do bifold doors as it would allow us access into the closet without taking up critical floor space. We currently have sliding doors. "

What would be the advantage to replacing sliding doors with bi-fold doors? I can't see how the replacement would take up less floor space.

Painting a mural on you son's closet doors would only put "repainting" on your 'To-Do' list sometime in the near future. Go with something more subtle and timeless.

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My son's room has a mural on the closet doors (came with the house), and we've cursed it every time we think about painting his room. Have you thought about wallies?

If you don't mind taking the doors down later and sanding them, if you want to re-paint, it's no biggie. I like the sliding doors, personally.

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I've posted these before, but these are my DS1's closet doors.

Obviously he's a huge Jets fan (which cuts right to the heart of this huge Bills fan.) Laverneus Coles was recently picked up by Cincinatti, but I have no plans to repaint the jersey.

I specifically got the slab bifold doors from Lowe's to paint in this locker room fashion. The room redo was part of his birthday gift when he turned 9. Before that his room was sky/hills/mountains, etc. with removable wallies cars & trucks. I knew that he would someday grow out of that when I painted it. He is not growing out of his sport team, but even if he did it's just paint.

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Laxsupermom, Thanks for the pic. That is very well done. I am sure it makes your DS feel like he is "part" of his team!
How did you do it-did you free hand the left door too? that's amazing! I will check Lowes again for the slab doors.

dilly, it should have read "We might do bifold doors as it would allow us access into the closet without taking up critical floor space- unlike a swing out door " Sorry about the confusion. Do you think painting it the wall color might make it disappear?
I agree its going to be a pain to repaint it down the road but I hope it will be at least another 3 yrs before he grows out of it.

silverspring, I appreciate your candor. I have been trying to find wallies that fit the room theme for some time now but have not found anything that isn't the typical boy stuff(dinos, sports, space or jungle seem to be the most popular). I am hoping to use a more off beat theme based on an an art piece that I picked up sometime back. If I had to come up with a name for it, it would be "We are one world" or "It takes a village". Maybe I will get a custom one made but they are so pricey!
Thank you for your suggestions, though!

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laxsupermom, I hadn't seen those doors before--you rule :)

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Thanks for the compliments. I did hand paint them and the football field walls and scoreboard/magnet board(Jets 42, Patriots 17 LOL.) I grabbed his Coles jersey and hung it on a hook and set up his cleats, socks, and football to have a point of reference to freehand. I used his helmet as a reference, but had to guestimate how the Jets logo would curve on the helmet, because he was a Viking at the time. 3 yrs on the Vikings, 2 yrs on the Dolphins, probably be a Dolphin again this year unless he can put on some more weight.

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Ours aren't finished (if you look, you can see one vine is complete, stretching over the raised part of the panels on the bottom left vine, but the balance need to be joined together). The mural is a continuation of the entire room's mural and it's quite fun. It works well even though the doors aren't flat panel.

What's the big deal with repainting? Sheesh it's a coat of primer...and what's a coat of primer in comparison to having a child's room that's fun and imaginative? Neutral is not for kids rooms! That's a great place for fantasy to rein. Ie the fabulous locker doors!

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wow! I-chic, that's just amazing! Its so much fun! Is this done by the same artist who designed the safari tent and lampshade? That must be one super cool room!
Ofcourse, I am no where near that it will have to be on a much smaller scale. But, thanks for the encouragement.

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Igloo, I always smile when I see snippets of your DS's room. I love the safari theme for the wild-eyed imaginative fun that can occur in a room decked to the hilt in that fashion. I helped a friend paint her nursery in an african jungle theme and cribbed some notes from your DS's room. You really need to add it to oceanna's baby/toddler thread in the gallery. It's such an inspiration.

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Thank you both for the compliments. Yes the same artist did most of the work in my house after I broke my wrist and couldn't do it myself. Mind you, DS's room would have been cool if I'd have done it...but nowhere near how cool it was after I let this artist and his wife attack it. They are amazing and they brought my dream to life...and beyond!

Lax we have two weeks left and that room will be "done" and then I'll post it. You can see in the above pic that the baseboard on the right has grass painted on it, but the base of the closet and the other baseboard does not. We're also missing a couple of fabric pieces and the center of the tent ceiling is missing it's finish (some reeds which will hide the staples). I'm looking forward to posting it someday (cuz that means one room is DONE LOL)

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