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OakleyMarch 18, 2013

I'm looking to replace the rug in front of the stove and came across the rug below. Sorry, I can't download the picture so you'll have to go to the link provided.

The rug is made of wool, but they show it in a kitchen. But really, where else would you put a rug with a rooster on it? lol.

I want to get the 2'6" x 5' rug. We're no messy than anyone else is, and it looks like it would hide a lot of dirt. I do vacuum/sweep often.

Would you put this rug in your kitchen? Pretend you like it. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Rug

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I like it for YOUR kitchen!

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Yes I would. I have had this rug in my kitchen for 4-5 years. It has held up just fine. It is wool as well I believe.

that will look great with your wallpaper!

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Oak, we must share the same brain~I have a round rug under my kitchen dining table almost identical, just doesn't have the checkerboard~it's a hooked wool. I've had no problem, even with the grands who visit regularly and have spilled vegetable soup and chocolate milk, cleans up easily.

I also have a small wool rug under the sink which has been there since I built the house, almost 5 years ago. No worse for wear, and has had it's share of 'accidents' too.

I *really* like your choice! ;o)

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Well, that's that. I'm going to get it! The rug is a great way to bring black into the kitchen. Now I need to decide if I still want the black and white buffalo check curtains! lol

My dog will love the rug. That's his favorite place to sleep while I cook. :)

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I've got black/gold/ivory in the kitchen as well as the adjacent GR, the foyer, and DR. If you already have a small lamp somewhere, add a black shade.

Not a Buffalo check, but though this would be another alternative for your windows~there's more of an ivory than a white. My valances are Chris Madden(no longer available!!!), but very similar in color, minus the rust color.

ps......not trying to change your mind. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: wt's

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I do have a small cream lamp on the counter with matching shade. Now don't laugh, but I want a Rooster lamp! I've seen a kitchen with several rooster items and it wasn't overkill at all. If I can't do that I'll look for a black shade. I'd love to find a buffalo check shade if I don't do the BC curtains! lol.

Those curtains you have are beautiful, but I don't think they'd work with my colors.

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Boop, I meant to comment on your rug. It looks great in your kitchen. Love the colors!

I went ahead and ordered the large rug. I'm so excited but it won't ship until April 1st. And we're having a party on March 30th. Boo!

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I have a Rooster lamp!!!! Got it from Penney's. Went to the JCP site and it's no longer available, but it's on ebay along with a bunch of others. When I got mine they were all over the place, now they're getting harder to find. I don't follow trends, but I like the Rooster thing. Guess it's cause I remember my Mom having a couple of small tchotchke ones. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: lamp

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The rug is a nice version of a classic.

I had a rooster lamp in my old kitchen. I really liked him. He was from Horchow. I think he is in a box somewhere (with holes for air I am sure). Maybe I can put him up for adoption? I don't really have a good place for him.

Not a great photo but you get the idea:

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oakleyok- I would definitely put that rug in my kitchen! I love roosters too.

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i like the rug and think it will look really great in your kitchen! (tho, not sure about black and white bc cafes...)
the wool will probably hold up great... and will get COVERED with dog fur! best tip a housekeeper once gave me was slightly dampen a large sponge (she insisted the best type for this was the big, yellow hour glass shaped sponges) and wipe the rug- really picks up dog fur well! (she used to do our steps like that after vacuuming...)

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