?how to keep cows out of chicken coop?

mountain_ladyJune 14, 2012

We rent a place that land owner runs cows on.

we have lived here some time before the cows came out here.

I have had my chickens for little over a yr and Now I find that my ladies cant live in the coop because of the cows.

I am not allowed to fence off my coop with hot wire because his cows come 1st. and he couldnt get to his pens that the cows dont use.

What are other IDEA's I can do to keep the cows out of my coop?

I know the cows are after the gain and my water buckets.

Hell I have had calfs at my door drinking out of my dogs water.

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Besides putting up posts, fence rails and mesh, I'm not sure what you can do to keep the chickens in and the cows out. Cows can be very difficult to fence in/out and I've seen my neighbors cows push fencing over and even jump low fencing to get where they want to go.

Is your coop a building or just a fenced area?

Can you explain why the owner can't get to the pens, or is he wanting his cows to have access to the pens? What about moving the coop to another area and continue using hot wire? I don't understand his issue with the cows and hot wire........

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When this 1st came up about the cows in the yard, getting into my coop . and that they where braking down my fence I had my chickens in . He told us it happens.

When I came to him the 1st time about placing hot wire around the house and the coop he told me ok. So husband and I walked the yard and mapped out where we where going to put this fence at.

After a big rain storm he came out here and marked here I could put the fence . and it was not any where close to the chickens.

I came back with Ok this still dont keep the cows out of my chicken coop and he told me to run the wire under the ground and Not have any wire in the path he uses to load and unload cows. I Asked him to come out here and look at what I wanted to do . He told me He mapped out where I could put the fence and that is all that it matters.

So This sunday husband and I built a New coop and chicken house and ran wire in the yard. placing hot wire 3 feet away from the coop so that i still can get in there and there is No way the cows can get to it.

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