No fleas, but areas on dog's body get hot

peanutpeanutbutterJune 27, 2011

After two months of concentrated effort, we now have NO fleas in our house, yard, environment, or on our dogs. We use Advantage every three weeks per the vet's okay. (We're thinking of changing to Frontline as we've read that is absorbed less into the dog's body but still is effective on fleas). We do not live in an area with ticks.

Recently, on our little 12 yr old Bichon, we've noticed certain parts of her skin will become hotter than the surrounding areas. Mostly it's her rear end or her shoulder blades area. These areas, about palm size, become very hot while the other areas on her body remain regular temperature.

The rear area and the shoulder blade areas do not become hot at the same time. This is not related to any specific time of day, or whether she is inside or outside. She is an inside dog. She is on special food from the vet--Hills c/d-- for bladder stones (she's had two surgeries for bladder stones in the past, and the food seems to help).

This increased skin temp has been going on for about 2 weeks, but not even daily. The vet seems to think it's flea related, but we have no fleas! We have not changed anything else in our environment, and use very little in terms of chemical cleaning products...i.e. we dust with a microfiber cloth, use a sweeper on our hardwood floors, wash the kitchen floor with mild soap and hot water followed by two plaion-water rinses etc.

When we bathe her, we use extra mild oatmeal and aloe dog shampoo, followed by special doggie conditioner and a really good rinse. She has always seemed a bit on the itchy side, but this hot-skin thing is new.

Does *anyone* have any ideas about this weird skin-getting-hot thing?

If anyone has any ideas about how to stop itchy skin, we'd appreciate that too.

BTW, does anyone have any good results using brewer's yeast on dogs to help with fleas?

We really hate putting chemicals (Advantage, Frontline) on her. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which one is better, since it seems fleas are a fact of life and need to be dealt with?--Frontline or Advantage?? I've read too many HORROR stories about other brands.



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Most natural products do not repel or detract fleas, in fact fleas can thrive in areas with yeast and garlic - If you see no flea dirt on your dog and it is not scratching the heat could be from too much bathing. How often do you give your dog a bath? The only other thing I can think of is laundry detergent, however the area on your dog body are usually associated with food and not contact allergies. As far as the flea deterent goes, after you have gone for 6 months without a flea, I suggest you go to half a dose until you see any flea again. I used half a dose on my dog and reapped the product and he was highly allergic to fleas = the half dose was fine. Good luck

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We don't have fleas - have never had fleas, but our Akita has the same issues with hot spots. And like yours, seems to travel around - sometimes a shoulder, hip or side, etc. She seldom gets bathed - no need for it. Her coat naturally sheds off dirt & she always smells nice.
Areas that get hot don't seem to bother her - not like muscle pain......
I asked her vet about it & she had no idea.

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