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errlinJanuary 19, 2007

Hi - I know this information is on the forum, I saw it the other day and thought I clipped it, but apparently not. What are the traditional locations of angle stops and drains under sinks and for toilets. I've been searching for hours with no luck, and I would just go measure one, but we're out in the boonies and I'm sure the trailer is not standard.


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To the best of my knowledge there are no hard and fast rules here.

Generally the waste arm is centered with the sink location and 18" above the finished floor, however there are special circumstances that must be considered. Example: If this is for a kitchen sink and they have specified a deep sink with a disposal it may be necessary to lower the waste arm an inch or two.

The angle stops are then generally spaced approximately 8" on center (4" on either side of the waste arm) and 24" above the finished floor.

The watercloset flange (toilet flange) is centered 12" out from the finished wall. (Keep in mind this is finished wall, not from the studding. You must allow for wallboard and perhaps tile).

The watercloset supply valve is 6" left of center and 6" above the finished floor however here again, check the finish specs. You may need to make allowance for a high base molding.

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Lazypup - Thanks for the info, now I can get on with it.

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