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pamghattenJune 4, 2010

Good things happen when you least expect them. A friend called and told me her tenant was moving and needed to re-home his dog since he was just awarded custody of his kids and the new apartment wouldn't let him have a dog. And when I spoke to him, he just wasn't going to have the time now that he had the kids too.

So Lily and I and my niece went to meet Rocky today, and it was an very uneventful meeting ... guess she was being protective of me at my house. So we loaded Rocky up, and his crate, and brought him home.

He's a smooth coated collie mix, a year old, not neutered nor been to the vet. I already have an appointment Monday ... and hope to neuter him next week. He's a happy squigly tail waving guy. He was raised with cats, YEAH! And is just a really good natured boy. He's used to his crate, so we'll keep that up ... he's a little skinny ... but we'll fill him out.

Lily thinks he's sometimes fun to play with, but she thinks he has too much energy sometimes too. But he repsects her when she says she's had enough.

Now I need to think of another name similar to Rocky, since I don't like that name.

Meet Rocky ...

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Oh, what a handsome boy!

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

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awwww!! AWWWWW!!!! i am SO happy for you! he looks like a doll and what a lucky, lucky boy he is to have found you and lily!!

pssst...word to the wise if you don't mind me butting in...i see he's chewing on a rawhide. watch those because dogs don't digest them and they can cause all kinds of problems!

congrats, can't wait for more pictures!

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Congratulations! He is GORGEOUS! Name him anything you want - he will learn quickly, guaranteed. Please keep us posted often about his progress.

And I agree about the rawhide. They can cause blockages, and the bleached ones probably have been treated with stuff you don't want your dog to be eating. Many rawhides are also made in China.

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Love the tail action! Congratulations to both of you for a perfect match.

I agree that the name doesn't even have to be similar - as soon as he learns that "new name" is associated with love and treats and all things good, he will adopt that name.

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He looks good at that weight! With all due respect to long time owners, many people keep too much weight on their dogs. It is very easy to add weight if necessary, and quite difficult to take it off.

I've found that whether rawhide causes a problem or not is strictly on the individual dog. I've used rawhide bones with several of our dogs. The current two do not get them, however. Molly is allergic and Max actually does not like them.

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Congratulations.. Thing do happen very quickly and unexpectedly sometimes. Last week I had one dog and was supposed to meet a Dachshund the next day and tonight he has been here almost a week. I didn't expect to get him the day I saw him but this rescuer must have talked to my other dog's and my references weren't called. Don't worry about the name change. My guy is 3?? and his name was Parker. He has a huge red heart tag that says Wally, short for Walter. Suits him better. He was just neutered 10 days ago. I agree about the rawhide. I gave them to my dog once a week as a treat. Vet says NO, could cause blockage so I never do anymore. Good luck. My guys ignored each other but now are playing more. He was never crated but my dog came with a wire crate and loves it at night so I ordered the exact crate for this guy and he's in it right now on his own accord. It has a flat down pillow and a soft blanket on top.

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How about calling him Jester - he look like a card. BTW I love smooth coateds they are wonderful dogs easy to train, wonderful personalities - congrats and KUDOS to you for getting a dog in need of a new home

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congratulations- he looks like a sweetheart. what a lucky dog!

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What a sweet new fur baby. I'm so happy he has found his forever home, your the best!!!

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Agree with Handymac. This dog looks weight appropriate for his body-type. He's a gorgeous animal. Thrifty, clean appearance, great markings and good shape.

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Thanks everyone ... so it's been a whole day! LOL!

He and Lily are buddies ... sometimes she has to put him in his place because he's still so young. But he is submissive to her, and she likes that.

That picture does make him look very good, it's different viewing him from the top .. but we'll see what the vet thinks Monday.

He's just a great happy dog ... we're all very happy!

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It always works out in the end. What was meant to be will be. You lost the other dog from someone's mistake, and I lost the dog I wanted because too many others wanted him. Now we have two different yet perfect dogs.Well.. almost. Wally does love to chase squirrels.

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Oh my gosh what a handsome boy! He looks perfect. Please send us more pics of him interacting. I think you have a winner there!

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Darling doggie!

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He needs to sit still long enough to take pictures! LOL! He's such a wiggly guy. But I'll get more ...

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Here's one I managed to get ... he stood still for a couple of seconds ... LOL!

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Congratulations. He's beautiful. I like the blurry action of his tail, shows it's moving rapidly.

The last male I got I wanted to name Nate. Then I thought Nate, crate, that won't work. Wouldn't have mattered since I say "go kennel". Now I like the name Omar. But most of my dogs have ended in a Y. Roxy, Murphy, Buddy, Chelsey.

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He looks like a 'Ben' to me.

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Call him Loki. Then you'll have Lilly and Loki (nice alliteration!) and it sounds close enough to Rocky that he might recognize it as his name easily. Or Rory is a good Scottish name for a collie :-) but he won't recognize it as easily. Or Robbie (also Scots) and that will sound a bit more like Rocky. Or Jock, but maybe that's too much of a Scottish Terrier name. (I'm just running with the Scottish theme here; I wish I still had my baby name books to look up more))

On the rawhide issue: my dogs (spaniels) have had no trouble with the flat strips, but I only give them one a day so maybe that is why I haven't seen any digestive problems. I find with the rolled up bone-shaped ones they tend to chew down to the knot and then the knot becomes a choking hazard. (Maybe if the dog does swallow the knot it can cause blockages, but otherwise they can digest them - it is just animal protein, after all) And those pressed composite type ones seem to cause the runs in my dogs so we avoid those as well.
And they absolutely love pigs ears and will devour them FAST, but those are fatty so keep them off your carpets!

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Google dog or old fashioned people names. All my pets have two syllables and end in ie or y. I say their names 100's of times a year and need something I like to say. My dog's name was Parker. My GS wanted Willie but I have a Lily so I went with Walter(Wally) because I needed an ID tag quickly. He's been here 8 days and already knows his new name. Other dog was Baily and I changed it to Ziggy. He learned his name in three days.

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Loki = Norse god of chaos or destruction.....eeep

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A one year old dog who's never been to a vet, sheesh, good thing he won't have to live with that guy any longer. The vet will tell you if he's underweight or not. the expression on his face as he's looking into the camera is too cute. Congratulations, many happy years together!

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