Akita with Glaucoma

kitasmommieJune 7, 2010

About a month ago, our 7.5 year old Akita - named Kita - had a weepy eye which was very bloodshot. At the same time, both my husband & I are sneezing with itchy eyes from all the pollen - so I just assumed Kita was sufferng along with us, so I gave her some benadryl. After a couple of days with no improvement, she was squinting so bad with her left eye, it was closed most of the time.

Off to the vet we go only to find out that she has glaucoma. The regular vet referred us to a vet ophthalmologist (which I never knew even existed), who gave us eye drops & pills. Also told us that when a dog squints like that, they're in alot of pain. about a week later - on our 2nd follow up visit - here eye pressure was so high, they did surgery the same day.

They implanted a tube in her eye that has a valve in it. when the pressure rises, the valve opens & drains the fluid into the back of her eye where it's absorbed by the body.

She'll have to have eye drops for the rest of her life & it's likely that she'll develop glaucoma in her right eye at some point as well.

The surgery was expensive & so are the eye drops, but she hasn't had any damage to her optic nerve & she's not in pain.

Finally got the cone collar off today (spent two weeks of her whapping me in the legs with it & decapitating flowers in the pots on the porch)and she's doing very well.

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It's so great to hear that you got her to the vet as soon as you did and that they were able to save her eye and her sight!
Kita is one lucky dog!

One can't imagine the pain some animals go thru when they have eye problems so I hope your story helps another pet (or any other animal) in the future.

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Lets hope the other eye stays healthy....

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You did the right thing. Life with a blind dog is very difficult. I never want to go through this again so anything that can be done to save a dog's eyesight is worth it IMO. So glad to hear your Akita is doing well!

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