seat cushions: tie on or velcro?

meg711March 21, 2008

All the little details are driving me crazy. Why can't I just make a decision and not agonize over it?

I had assumed that I would have tie-on cushions for our chairs but our designer thinks that it will drive me crazy (see the theme) when the bows keep coming undone. She has suggested velcro attachments but I'm not sure what they're going to look like.

Anyone have velcro'ed cushions on their chairs? Anyone regret the ties with bows look? (FWIW, our outdoor cushions will have lots of tie ons with bows so I thought it was kind of cute to have ties with bows in two places but, as usual, I'm probably overthinking this.)

Here's our chair:

Here's the manufacturer's photo of our outdoor furniture:

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I'd go with velcro unless you are going for a frilly or cottagey look. The velcro will look more streamlined and less fussy.

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Downside to velcro is that it manages to pick up lint and pet fur which eventually renders it useless.

You can clean the "hook" part out with a fingernail brush.

I used snaps at the end of discreet tabs when I made the cushions for our patio furniture. (most "workrooms" will break into a sweat at this concept... it's common in marine work, though).

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To keep fabric ties from coming undone as easily, try dampening the ties before tying the bow. The knot tightens as the fabric dries. (Learned that from shoelaces. Anyone who's fought with shoelaces that got wetted-and-dried knows what a battle it is to get those suckers untied!)

Personally, I'd use narrower ties than on that manufacturer's photo, they're a little obtrusive, but whatever floats your boat. I do think that ties are not necessarily "cottagey" or over-cute if they're tied neatly and the cushion they're attached to isn't foofy. A tailored-looking solid canvas box cushion with a contrasting welt would look vastly different from a button-tufted floral with a ruffle around the edge, even though both were tied on.

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Thanks for the advice. I think I'll go with velcro indoors to keep it less fussy looking--especially since I'll have those bows outside to contend with. I'm hoping that I'm the only one who pays attention to these things. (Well, besides the other design-obsessed or -challenged posters on this thread.)

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My kitchen chair pads are held with snaps - I prefer it over Velcro because it's a cleaner look.

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I would be afraid of velcro catching or snagging a nice outfit, we all know it happens in the laundry.

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That's why fingernail brushes were invented, lol.

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Oh my godness, do you need an extra chair? Someone had one just like yours for sale at a garage sale I was at today and I almost bought it just to have for accent. LOL

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Velcro always looks dirty to me---either it gets stuff stuck in it or it starts to bend/curl back. I'm not a fan. I would go for the ties, but thinner like someone else mentioned. And I don't think it's cottagey either.

I think the ties have a nicer, finished-off look than the velcro.

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Wow. It sounds like most people agree that velcro is not a good idea, or a good look. Guess I'll see if this workroom will do snaps, or I'll request thin ties and use the dampened tie trick mentioned above.

brutuses: It seems like everyone makes this chair. Ours are by Bermex and they're very sturdy and comfortable--even without the cushions. But I probably should have ordered another chair. We ordered nine: six for around the table and three for the computer room. And we'll move the three to the table when needed and then use folding chairs after that. Nine is an odd number but it made sense at the time.

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Workroom? You don't sew?

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Oh Oceanna! I actually finally gave away my sewing machine that sat unused in a box for way too many years. I used to sew, and am thinking of starting again, but there's no way I'm going to start again on these cushions.

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