Is there a trick to snaking a drain?

nottoolostJanuary 1, 2010

What is the trick to getting the snake to go past bends in the pipe? Is it just the difference between having a power snake and a manual snake? And if it is a power thing, will the snakes that attach to a drill work?

We are taking off the trap and going in under the sink but can't get the snake to go any further into the pipe than where it turns downward in the wall. What are we doing wrong? We've had the drain cleaning guy out every few years so we know it can be done.


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Going slow and using reverse at the right time

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You need to be able to spin the snake. If you don't have one that spins, even manually, then you will have a hard time getting around a bend.

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Spin the snake while applying moderate pressure to the handle. So you end up tightening/loosing/retightening the handle locknet as the snake gets further and further in.

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