Price check please - Backsplash install?

pbx2_gwMarch 9, 2013

We're getting our new build bidded out for ~53 sq ft of backsplash.
Simple ceramic gray subway tiles.

Highest part is to bottom of range hood. Otherwise, height around perimeter is no more than counter to bottom of cabs.

Total bid is $2100. Reasonable?

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A smaller project costs more per foot than a larger one, plus you probably have a change order fee incorporated into it if that wasn't what was planned from the beginning. My good tile guy charges around $15 a foot for a simple backsplash. Even with the change order fee of maybe $200, plus the GC's fee on top, your quote seems out of line for ceramic. Glass would be more, but not even that much!

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We are not new build, but are demoing existing backsplash 60 sq feet, re-dry wall, new backsplash install labor and dry wall materials is 950.

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My BS was about half that size, and I used 2x8s in a herringbone pattern (lots of cuts). It came in at 1000, which I thought was an excellent price, especially since the tile setters I used do very high end work.

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Gee, between my kitchen being small and my location I must be doing good on labor! I don't have a breakdown, but considering the work to be done and the price, my 30-ish sf must be less than what's above.

My contract says ceramic tile of my choosing, but I want a mosaic in 1sf sheets, MOP. That's easier to do than individual ceramics, right?

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$2100 sounds a bit steep for ceramic. I have 35 sq feet and was quoted $985 for full backsplash and design above range for Durango Creme Travertine installed at 45 degree angle. I haven't installed my BS yet, but am now considering glass subway tile. Are you able to get 3 bids?

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