Male kitten misbehaving.....

SunnyDJJune 5, 2011

About 2 weeks ago, we took in 2 stray kittens, 1 of each sex..I already have other cats so these babies were being kept in the laundry room...With the help of a rescue organization, we were able to get them to the vet and have them "fixed"...I asked the vet to check a small cut on the little girl's neck and he said, it's probably from the male..I had noticed, him grabbing her but I honestly thought they were playing...It turned out these babies are 6 months old and he was starting to assert his manly actions....Since he's fixed, I thought, hoped, he wouldn't still do that but he has put another mark on the other side of her neck....Is there any way to stop him, is there anything I can put on her to deter his "attention"...These kittens are inseparable, cry when you put them in different rooms, so what do I do?????I even tried putting a bandage around her neck, like a collar and that lasted about 2 minutes......HELP!

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My vet said it takes a few weeks for the testosterone to all disappear after male kittens are neutered, so maybe he will mellow out soon. Kittens do play rough sometimes, so you could try trimming his claws so they aren't so sharp. I also sometimes find small scabs on my cat's necks. Good luck with getting them integrated into the group. That can take weeks too!

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While at the vets, they took care of the claws, thank goodness...I just feel so sorry for our little girl having to put up with that...Just once, I'd like to see her give him a good whack!, lol.....
These kittens will be going to live with my grand daughter in her apartment...She's been wanting to get a kitten/cat and now she's going to have 2...I just wanted everything taken care of before she took them, including, him behaving himself, lol......
I'd love to keep them, but we now have 2 inside (down from 4) and 3 semi feral outside and I'm afraid if I suggested keeping these, I might be outside with the ferals, lol.....
Thanks for the help...

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As mentioned, it can take up to six weeks for the residual testosterone to dissipate after a neuter, so the male kitten may continue making a nuisance of himself for a while. That said, I recently had a nearly 10 mo. old male kitten, Bobble, neutered. Before the surgery, Bobble had chosen one of my other young, neutered males as his "girlfriend" and mounted poor Goober frequently, biting the back of his neck. Goober was most pleased to find that behavior disappeared right along with Bobble's boy parts. They still wrestle, but the mounting is no longer one of Bobble's favorite moves. Hopefully your boy kitten will lose interest in mounting, as well, though, as with dogs, mounting can be a non-sexual demonstration of dominance. In any event, it obviously doesn't bother the little girl too much, so don't fret it.


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