Washers & Dryers (Decorative or Not)

queenofmycastle0221March 31, 2014

It is time to bite the bullet and replace my dryer (12 yrs old). I had told my dh that I wanted a matching set in red even though my washer (small) is only about 6 yrs old. I went to peruse them this week and was shocked to see that they were mostly top loaders but some were huge which I love. The only downfall is they are only available in white and grey.

What does your washer and dryer look like and what would be your deciding factors?

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I have an LG top loader (Wave Force technology) in a deep gray. I bought them when we did the kitchen remodel as my laundry room is right off the kitchen leading to the garage so the door is always open. I went back and forth between front and top loader. The deciding factor for me was the fact that I could not put the front loaders on a pedestal as I have a window there....plus the reviews on them ran 50/50....people either hated them or loved them wiht mold/mildew being a big issue. Not many negative reviews for top loaders. And LG also had good reviews. There is no agitator in the washing machine so it holds A LOT. I only always fill it 1/2-2/3 though, otherwise it takes a lot longer for things to dry. We've had it for 2 years--no problems. I got the gray to go with my stainless steel appliances in the kitchen since it is all sort of the same space, even though we close the door when doing laundry to cut down on the noise.

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We bought a set of LG front loaders in white. Our main concern was energy efficiency, warranty, service availability, and customer reviews. They do come in a beautiful shiny red color, too!

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I have a fisher paykel set that I love. The washer is a top loader, which I wanted, but very energy efficient. They had great reviews and so far, I love them. I have said many times, I would do a commercial for the company! LOL Ours our white.

Our laundry room is not seen, door closed and while I don't want ugly, I didnt consider a color. Our concerns were mostly reliability/longevity and energy efficient.


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Our laundry is also right off the kitchen, with the door open most of the time. We bought an LG front loader with pedestal a couple of years ago when my washer died. Kept the old GE gas dryer, which is now having all kinds of problems and I'm waffling between fixing it or getting a new one. I can't BELIEVE how expensive dryers are!

Soooo, I have a mismatched pair now and will probably have a mismatched pair forever. I'm sticking with white, whatever I do.

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I think it depends on where it is.

In our NYC place, you buy whatever fits in a closet, LOL.
At our weekend place, we have a large laundry/mudroom and I chose the shiny red LG on pedestals. They are so cheery!

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About 18 months ago I let DD & DH talk me into buying a Samsung VRT Steam washer and dryer in what they refer to as Oklahoma Sooner Crimson (Red). I've seriously regretted the color, the front loader washer feature and the Samsung brand in general ever since.

The color scratches easier than white and is not easy to fix. The bold color dominates my laundry room, making the room look smaller to me, and the W&D look larger. The washer retains water below the door area and smells like mold. Two separate repair men have told me that this is normal for some of these front loaders, including this Samsung. Samsung models play a cutsey , too-long tune when their cycles are finished which is irritating. You can mute them but many times I need to know when the cycle is finished. Their dryer door does not open up all the way, which makes unloading it a pain.

I will never own another front load washer, another Samsung or another colored W&D if I can possibly help it! When I want color in my laundry room, I'll be very satisfied to do it with art, paint on the walls, etc., instead.

BTW, in the past 18 months I still have never used the steam or the sanitize features.

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I had to replace my white dryer recently and since my washer is still rolling, rolling, I chose the same brand as the set which lasted 20 years, Whirlpool; we went with a front loading dryer and will go with top loading washer when this one gives up the ghost. I have osteoporosis, making it painful to bend over and then stand to load and unload from front loaders but I am sure for the majority here, osteoporosis is but a very distant nightmare.

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robo (z6a)

I inherited a front loading set in charcoal grey with my house. I enjoy the front load but was warned you have to wipe out the gasket and leave the door ajar. This takes care of odors for me. The previous owner did NOT know this so I had to sanitize the machine when I took over...about ten times. But I can't blame the machine -- the oven and dishwasher were in equally bad shape.

I love the large capacity, how gentle it is on my clothes, and how little detergent I have to use. I like having the set in a color (well, kind of a color -- if I were choosing they'd have been a color) but do agree they dominate the room, especially when on pedestals. But hey, anything to make laundry a little more fun.

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We have a front loading Bosch washer and dryer in white with stainless rims (that sounds funny!) around the front porthole glass. Very sedate appliances, apparently, and well behaved. Going on six years now. I looked at the bold colors and huge machines up on pedestals, but did not care for the colors and we built our LR to fit the appliances UNDER the counter, so the stands or drawers were out even if I had wanted them. When these are replaced it will probably be with another set of white appliances. I just ask that they be quiet, efficient and unobtrusive,

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I have an Electrolux front load washer and dryer set. I give them an OK rating. The washer has a good variety of cycles, including a couple of shorter ones that I love. I have had a moldy smell in the past. The dryer is OK. It gets the job done, but I hate that the shortest cyle is 15 minutes. I may stack them in the future, they aren't currently. If I have a laundry room in the future that doesn't have room for the appliances to stack, I think I will look into Speed Queen.

Beth P.

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I had my Mom's 35 yr old set until the washer finally gave up the ghost and started to leak 3 years ago. I called the service man and he said no repair . But..he had re-built older sets at his shop. DH and I went and looked. Got this 6 yr old set ( at that time) for $300 ...delivered , tax, set up ! Yep...this washer is great..uses WATER..none of the "low water he" carp. I want my clothes clean and I do not want a front loader and I will NEVER spend what they ask for inferior made products. I love this set...a little scuffed..who cares...it was so inexpensive and it works great.

Moral of the story is spend less..shop local and call your repair person and find out who is doing re-builds. Oh and I had a 6 month warranty . c

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I got a Maytag - very basic washing machine right before my son was born. He is turning 32 next month and after 6 moves, my Maytag is still going strong - not a single repair. I too have had my eye on that candy apple red set, but I have a feeling that it looks a lot better in the cavernous Home Depot than it would in my small laundry room. I will always buy simple machines though. The more bells and whistles, the more there is to go wrong! I've seen too many gunked up fabric softener dispensers. Love my little downy ball!

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Interesting since I've been shopping for new washer and dryer for a 2nd home we just bought, and our lowes still had more front than top load ones on the floor. W/D's are so big they definitely make a decor statement.

lynninnewmexico--funny that I have the same Samsung VRT steam front load w/d that you have (except mine are white) and I've have had no problems--so sorry you have! I wonder if your dryer is on the left side since you have problems unloading it. Mine is on the right side and the washer on the left so it's pretty simple to move the clothes from one to the other since the open doors face each other and they open past 90 degrees.

I don't have pedestals because I wanted a nice wide counter on top to fold and don't have to worry about things falling behind or between. DD has pedestals and says because the w/d stick out so far and are so high up, it essentially makes it impossible to use the upper cupboards above them without a step stool so she's considering getting rid of her pedestals--not any harder to bend down in front than bending over to reach into a top load--plus a place to fold.

I knew going in from all reports that you have to care for the seal on front loader styles, so I keep an old hand towel in the laundry room to dry the rubber seal at the bottom and soak up the small amount of water that pools there at the end of the last load--takes about 10 seconds. I also leave the door open overnight after the last load. Since I've done that from day one, I've never had any odor problem and mine are 2 yrs old.

While I love the various colors--after being stuck with a harvest gold washer that refused to die, I'm committed to white or stainless front loaders and will leave the color for walls and other decorative items.

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I got the most old-fashioned traditional white ones I could find. Similar to trailrunner, I am not a fan of the new computer-driven High-Efficiency technology. I want to control water level, temp, cycles myself. I wanted an agitator too. The ones I got are still more efficient than the 20-year old ones I had to dump a few years back. The clothes get dryer in the new spin cycle and need less dryer time. That's big. The rest of the "efficiency" savings are not so big IMO.

Mine are behind bifold doors opening to the kitchen. I didn't feel looks are important even if the doors are open.

And the pair of mine were a fraction of the price of fancy ones. I couldn't justify big money on a w/d when there was so many more important things I needed to buy moving in to a new place.

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Mine are white top loaders and as much as I love the w/d's with color, white makes the room seem cheery, which is what I need in a utility room.

I've had two plumbers (one who sells w/d's) tell me to never get a front loader. He even had one and regrets it.

Most top loaders are counter height which makes the room more attractie, IMO.

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Don't get me started. My Bosch are the bane of my existence. It is at least partially my fault for not carefully selecting them.

When we bought our current home, there was a W/D in the basement and another set in the hall near the pool. Both were supposed to be included in the purchase, but the movers took the ones (Meile) near the pool.

Replacing the set near the pool fell under the blanket appliance order for the whole house. I gave it little thought. I don't want bells and whistles, and most of our laundry is done by our cleaning people. I told the appliance salesperson to choose whatever they thought best that fit the space (they are side by side in a closet with pocket doors).

I hate them.

And, as it turns out, I personally use them a lot, so it matters. I like to do my own laundry, and this set is very near our MBR so I use them far more than I expected.

One, they are noisy. As in air traffic control.

Two, the dryer only specifies dampness level, not time. It is often wrong and your only choice is to choose "extra dry", which is needlessly harsh.

Three, the words on the dial are rubbing off (3yrs of use) ; how blanking-cheap is that?

Four, the dreaded front loader mold! I had a front loader at our lakehouse and never had this issue. Tomorrow, they are replacing the rubber gasket for me. Given all the loads done in my house, and the penchant for this machine, and the various users (cleaning people, me, my DH with his hockey gear, the girls' with something or other they need for the next school day) my hopes that people diligently undertake to clean the gasket (with, as I've said, has more folds than a Sharpei and enough nooks and crannies for an English muffin), are probably unrealistic. And if we keep the door open, then the closet door must stay open, and that has an automatic light.

I will try this once. If it does not work out, I am sad to say this washer will go to the landfill and I will get a TOP loader, the way God intended clothes washers to be.

I am so happy the Maine house has great big old fashioned machines!

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Mtn....don't send it to the landfill...donate it to Habitat for Humanity. So, you would buy another front loader?

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Oh geez, I gotta edit that post. NO no no, TOP loader. Thanks!

Actually our gardener takes these types of items and finds new homes for them, though I feel bad giving someone mold! It will come with a big note on it!

I didn't even mention the dryer, but I spent enough in service calls on that to justify a new one, only I hate to add to the landfills (if not immediately, eventually)

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Trail...what brand is your set?

I like my LG, but it is only 2 years old..has the computer controls, etc.. so we'll see how long it holds up...next go-round I may go back to the simpler models. I had a Whirlpool and Maytag that both held up well--15+ years. My mom had a basic Speed Queen that was 20 years old when we sold her house after she died.

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joanie..Kenmore. I had to move the washer out to clean around/under and there was some grease on the floor...so...not sure how much longer it will last. But when it goes I will just go back and get another rebuilt set from my reliable service man ! c

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I wonder if anyone around here rebuilds? Seems like a great idea, as the old ones have simple technology and uber sturdy materials.

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Space would only allow the under-counter size machines, so I went to some lengths to maximize the efficiency, added a nice wood butcherblock countertop and cabinets. I've been using these since 2006, so no complaints about Bosch durability here; and my water consumption went down by a factor I never thought possible. I frequently use the high-temperature wash cycle (160 degrees) for work jeans.

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Top of the line Bosch white front loader set here. 8 years of totally trouble free use. Definitely NO mold! They actually look like new, inside and out. I had Bosch appliances in the UK over 30 years ago, again totally problem free. My first appliances here were American brands and were horrible!
With any brand a lot depends on the model. Less expensive models may not save money in the long term and builder's models are likely to disappoint IMO.

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Speed Queen still makes old-fashioned top loaders, pretty much the same as they always were. IIRC, those were very popular with the folks over in the laundry forum before all the purging there.

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Writersblock-- purging? Do tell. I always forget there are so many forums here, and it's hard to know which are active/useful.

Just fyi, I do agree that you need more than a brand name to judge an appliance. Models vary a lot. I looked for a model number but could not readily find one, but here are my duds' mugs shots. Email if you want any details. We have had them for three years and they are not our primary set (most family laundry and all towels, blankets, sheets, are washed in another set in the basement)



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Biggest deciding factor...probably not another front loader unless someone can guarantee there will be NO MORE MOLDY GASKETS!! I love the size of the drum for big items and the settings and mine is actually pretty quiet unless I have it on heavy duty. But I think I'm going to have to replace the gasket. No matter what I've done over the past 5 years I've had this thing, it has grown mold. Just like mtn described, it has more nooks and crannies and I'm tired of it. My dryer, OTOH, is a different brand (a whole 'nother story), and I love it - it's a Maytag, and I hope it never dies. I love it and have had it several years longer than the washer. I'll probably never have a matched set at this rate. But who cares. If I do have a matched pair, I'd love to get a lovely color and repaint the utility room. It's pale grey now with white cabs. But I'd probably just paint darker grey or a fun color and get grey appliances or stick with white. Color is tempting but I think my utility room is too small.

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> purging? Do tell.

Those folks could more passionate about laundry than you would think possible (Think of the most incendiary threads in the appliances forum times four), and eventually quite a few of the regulars either got the boot or left in a snit. It's not nearly as much fun to read over there these days.

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Thanks, WB

I think I dabbled in appliances early on and decided it was too rough a neighborhood.

But laundry, who knew? Maybe it was the fumes ...

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We've had a variety of machines over the past 12 years in our complex's common laundry - many households use them (including mine). Because they get used more than in a regular home, they tend to need replacing more often.

Our front loading washers have not had moldy gaskets in this cool damp climate, but we always keep the doors open. I would not design for a front loader without leaving space for the door to be held open most of the time, at least partially. We have an older top loader, but everyone chooses to use the two front loaders that we have when they are available.

For washers, we are currently really liking the simple Huebsch commercial front loading washer (not coin operated). It is a standard (maybe smallish?) residential washer size. The Samsung large capacity front loader is working really well for us too - it has useful settings.

Our two newer dryers are Kenmores and they work really well too. They have timed dry settings as well as various settings designed for levels of heat and dryness. I find I use many of the settings regularly so they have been convenient for me. We had Kenmore dryers before, and we got decent use out of them before they eventually died. Sometimes things end up in dryers that wreck them, like screws and things, so we don't expect communal laundry machines to last forever.

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Oh, and I don't care what washers and dryers look like. I have found that once I figure out what I'm looking for in terms of brand and specifications, there usually isn't much selection appearance-wise.

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BTW, an unbiased source on moldy F-L gaskets below.

Interesting that the defense claims less than 3% have this problem; yet I think it mentions seven more class actions pending for the same problem?

Either laundresses are an unusually litigious group or the 3% is wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer reports on moldy gaskets

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Annie Deighnaugh

We went with kenmore made by LG, white, front loaders. I want my appliances to last 20-30 years so I definitely don't want a color I will tire of. My laundry/mud room is also the way to the garage so I see it multiple times a day. We also have a freezer parked next to the washer and it too is white. Save the color for the walls which are easier to change.

We leave the door open on the washer for 24 hrs after use so the gasket can dry...haven't had any smell issues at all.

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I want my appliances to last 20-30 years ...

yeah, and I want to win the lottery! LOL. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. They are designed to fail in 5-7 years depending on use, 10 if really lucky. I got 24 years out of one I purchased in 1986. The repair/sales guy promised me that will not happen again.

notwithstanding, your argument about tiring of color trends holds true. I tire of some of my colors in 2 years - ha ha.

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Personally I would be driven batty if I had to leave the door open on my washer. That is a safety issue for both kids and pets, and unsightly too. We do not leave the door open, and we have not even a whiff of mold.

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Well, I for one, think the 3% CR is talking about is just plain wrong. Maybe this laundress should become litigious. I had no idea there was even a whiff of a lawsuit against Whirlpool, but I can tell you this mold started within a year of owning this machine, and I used all the crap they sell to prevent it. I'm really picky about doing my laundry, and have left the door open, wiped, cleaned, and all the stuff I was forewarned about and it still happened. I've managed to keep the stinky away but not the mold in the hidden parts of the gasket.

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I thought of that too KK. I would not want to HAVE to leave the door open.


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I've always had top loaders and in my last washer (Maytag), purchased late 90's, I started to notice mold in the top plastic rim just below the lid. When we got the new w/d with the remodel, even though it is top loading, I leave the lid open for a day after washing. I never noticed it in the previous Whirlpool I had for 15+ years.

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I've always left the door open on my top loading washers. If the lid is down, I am reminded that I have a load in the washer waiting to be dried, or else the maid has been in the laundry room. She has this thing about making the room look neat.
As for color, I like white. Washers and dryers have different lifetimes, at least mine do, so I replace the one that's dead and keep the one that's still working.

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Okay, I have a new gasket; be still my heart.

$91 part.
$120 labor

$211 total, on a ~$900 machine.

And you cannot replace the gasket yourself, the guys says. It will void any warranty (big whoop) and it is not easy to do (the guy says).

Guy also says that, if we decide to get a TOP loader instead, not to get one that does not have an agitator; they have not really perfected that technology yet.

I will be installing a closed circuit camera poised at the washing machine to catch anyone who does not follow gasket dessication etiquette. Or perhaps I will ban everyone to the basement set.


Edited to add this interesting excerpt:
"Since the underwhelming first generation of front-loaders hit the U.S. market in the early 2000s, we've seen some big changes in the laundry landscape. Whirlpool has added a gasket-drying fan in its high-end machines, Kenmore front-loaders are now mostly sourced from LG, and Bosch abandoned its lineup of full-size front-loaders entirely. Frigidaire and Electrolux washers feature gaskets impregnated with a fragrant substance that also inhibits fungal growth."

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I find the whole mold issue so interesting. Why is it some get it and some don't, even the same brand/same model? Is there a common denominator that has been identified? Number of loads? Water quality? Why is it that they have been in use in Europe for years seemingly without this problem? What gives?

I'm still using a 20 yo top loader without problems but know I'll have to replace it someday. I like to read these threads to be a smidgen prepared when that awful day comes and I need to buy a new one.

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Now that I think about it, we often use ammonia and vinegar as laundry washing boosters in our complex's laundry room. That probably kills any mold that wants to grow there - in addition to keeping the door open.

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"I will be installing a closed circuit camera poised at the washing machine to catch anyone who does not follow gasket dessication etiquette." LOL MTN!

Re agitators-----front loaders don't have agitators...same kind of tub as top loader just one is sideways. My top loader "dances" from side to side, while the front loaders "somersault." Having kids might be an issue, but it's just DH and I and we both work in offices....clothes aren't that dirty to begin with. I haven't noticed that clothes are less clean now with no agitator as opposed to before with the agitator.

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I did it again, typed FRONT instead of TOP; I will fix it.

We were just chatting up the repair guy to get ideas about possible replacements. He offered up that they have had the most repair calls on top loaders without agitators.

FWIW it's worth, I use vinegar in most loads. (We also use it on all our wood floors). I use to preserve color, boost detergent power, and for towels (that kids invariably leave in a damp lump). Makes no diff to mold issue for us.

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Mtn...that's interesting about no agitators needing more repairs...I've got my fingers crossed!

How much vinegar do you use in a load? It doesn't leave clothes smelling vinegary? Or the house when you do the floors?

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i recently purchased a new speed queen washer/dryer to replace my 25 y/o maytags (which i SERIOUSLY considered repairs)....i use a front loader washer dryer (LG) in the utah property...we have not had any mold (that i am aware of anyway) in the LG, then again, it is in the desert...i still despise them though, they were purchased because a stacking unit was needed...i won't bore everyone here for why i hate them so much, other than to it simply doesn't not clean well (ridiculous water 'conservation' measures)

thus far i am thrilled with the speed queens...they aren't 'pretty' just basic white boxes, but they are in a hall closet behind doors, so i only look at them when they are being used, and they are a thing of beauty ....i washed a king size comforter, something i could never do in my old maytag, and the water 'reset' function was wonderful....you can manually hold it until the water fills all the way up...the speed queens have agitator and the wash cycle aren't ridiculously long (like they are on my LG set)....thus far my biggest complaint is the dryer has a LOUD unpleasant buzzer even on the lowest setting...

mtn, i use vinegar too, fabric softeners really gunk things up (including the discharge hoses)....i use the fabric softener dispenser (which is a cup in the agitator) and fill it about half way....i tried the aluminum ball thing, and it seems to help with static cling though not perfect

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I used vinegar in my washing machine as well, only problem is I now have rust around drain holes in tub. It is a Kenmore. Replacement of tub is estimated to be over $300 incl labor. Love using vinegar but now not sure if it caused the problem. I also used vinegar in my DW and ended up with rusting out dish racks which were ridiculously priced to replace. Just my experience, FWIW.

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In re vinegar, you will find lots of opinions. And I think the amount and type of vinegar you use, as well as the water that you have, and the detergent you pair it with, can all impact the outcome.

We have well water and an entire, hissing, clanging farm of what look like scuba tanks in our basement, designed to improve the quality of our (heavily mineral laden) water.

I tend to use "green" cleaning products for a whole host of reasons, but I do find some of them are less potent.

My laundry vinegar experience is two-fold. My kids have a tendency to leave pool towels in a lump when they leave the pool area. I am very sensitive to odors, and even after washing, when I put a towel up to my face, it smelled of mold. I read that adding vinegar to the wash helped. Now it is routinely added to all towel loads done in our house. I still yell at the kids, too, but vinegar has been clinically proven more potent then yelling at preteens.

My second experience was with tiedye towels my girls were giving out as pool-birthday-party favors. They were so cheap that i feared they would run when washed (Moms would love me for ruining a load of laundry). I experimented washing a new tiedye towel with a white sock. Yup, it ran. I used a second new towel, washed it under the same conditions, but added vinegar. It didn't run.

I often add vinegar to my own dark laundry to keep it dark.

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I haven't been back to this thread since I first posted and mentioned that a moldy smell was a big PIA with my front load Samsung. I'd also mentioned that the two different repair companies that had come out had both told me that this was a problem with a number of front-loader models, including mine.
Yes, they both told me that it would help to leave the door to the machine open when not in use, but both ~ and myself~ agreed that this was NOT a good solution for me.
1) because the washer is right next to the door to the garage and it would get bumped and damaged by people coming in through that door when it was open.
2) because of the layout of the laundry room and the position of the drain pipes in the wall, it is not possible to switch places with the dryer.
3) I have a 12-pound Tibetan Spaniel who, like a cat, loves to find small, dark, warm spaces to crawl/jump into and sleep. I know she would end up in the washer eventually and I just can't take that chance ever.
4) In all the years I've owned washers, until this one, I have never had a mold problem. IMO, it's a shoddy design flaw that should never have been allowed to happen. But it did, and now I ~unfortunately~ have to live with my expensive mistake.

BTW, thanks for the suggestion someone put out there to add vinegar to the wash to eliminate moldy towel smells. I'm definitely trying that one. I've been using vinegar for years to set colors in the wash and keep them from bleeding but never thought to use it for mold smell.

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I have a matched set of LG front load large capacity high efficiency machines. I opted for white because I like having a white laundry room and I decided to stack mine to maximize a small room. I absolutely love them. Yes, I have to leave the door open on the washer to prevent mildew, but otherwise they've been just as I expected. If I had a larger laundry room and was not stacking them, I would seriously consider the "graphite steel" or red option. It can look really nice to have a good looking set of appliances really showcased in a laundry room.

For me the primary considerations with a washer and dryer is how well they do their job and how long they will last. Appliances are ridiculously expensive and I wanted to make a choice that would hopefully last me quite a while. I could be wrong but it does not seem like washer and dryers look dated as quickly as kitchen appliances. But certainly the technologies are improving. I love how clean my clothes get in my new washer compared with the old.

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Vinegar is also a natural disinfectant. Some recommend it for hardwoods, some don't. I find it great when I have to do my own mopping (cleaning lady usually does it) and I have Bona to use plus the vinegar for other uses and the floor on occasion. But vinegar is an ascetic acid so you have to be careful with the proportions. I too use it in laundry. It's the best freshener for towels, like Mtn said. And my mother always used it for darks to keep them from fading. It really works.

Funny thing about it...there is no after smell once it dries either on the floors or in the clothes. You could add a drop or two of essential oil fragrance if you're really worried about the smell. Mtn, I too am very sensitive to odors, so I know where you're coming from re the towels.

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I LOVE my front washer. Kenmore Elite, white, HE4t. My laundry room opens into the garage and I leave the door open to the washer all the time, just ajar. After several years I still have no mold/smell. The garage door is usually open too so air circulation is excellent.

I use Woolite dark on all dark and colored clothing and vinegar in the rinse for towels, and no dryer sheets or softener on towels. Most soaps have a surfectant added to the ingredients to break water tension, and brighteners. The brighteners strip the black out of your dark clothing.

This washer has definitely made our clothes last longer than our old top loader which wound everything around the spindle and stretched out things.

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I am overwhelmed at all of the variety of opinions. Right now the washer and dryer are in the rear of a tandem garage (one car in front of another).

Our plan is to section off a large portion of the garage and transform it into a large master bathroom (instead of the current 3/4 standard 5 x 8) and a laundry room. I hope to incorporate a dream closet into the laundry room for my clothes only and leave dh's in the current walk in off the master. We should be (Lol) empty nesters in the next few years. Our only child will be a senior this fall. So once he leaves home the only laundry will be dh and myself.

Like many of you I have someone that comes in weekly and she typically does a great deal of the laundry so I'm unsure if I want to blow a budget on something I rarely use. But.... I still love the red front loader set as well as the huge new agitator free top loader. Maybe I can flip a coin?

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I hate to be a killjoy, but I would buy a top loader with an agitator. (you saw that coming) You want red and shiny --- buy a camaro! or an apple. : )

To be honest one reason i did not even personally select my w/d is because like you, our cleaning person does most of our laundry. But that still doesn't mean I want a moldy machine!

PS More on the repair issues with agitatorless top loaders. We have one in the basement, i never use it. DH reminded me though that it, though only 4 yrs old (PO bought it) needed repairs costing several hundred dollars. The repair guy said the drums get out of whack and the repair cost can easily be up to $500 when happens.

This thread below discusses a different issue; people seem to need to iron more with the agitatorless models?

Here is a link that might be useful: agitatorless washers

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