Is Restoration Hardware bedding worth it?

artydecorMarch 19, 2012

I've been searching for the perfect white quilt for my new king bed, and have found two possibles. One is a RH linen/ cotton blend at the outlet. The other has a similar look, is 100% cotton, from Homegoods. One of the brands they get you never see anywhere else. The RH one, of course, costs 3X as much. The feel of the quilt is as important to me as the appearance, I want it to be soft, not stiff like a coverlet. Has anyone had experience with RH bedding? Is it really worth the extra expense, or would you go for the Homegoods version?

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Don't want to hijack your thread, but I am interesting in whatever feedback you get. I just ordered swatches from RH for their Belgian Linen bedding because I have an eye on it. It looks like good quality but I am more concerned about seeing the colors, so ordered the swatches.

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fwiw, I have their lined Belgian Linen curtains throughout our home. The linen is very good quality.

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Someone posted on that thread about being a diva that she loves her RH linen sheets. Of course I can't think of her name off the top of my head. She's a regular poster. You might want to go look for that thread over on conversation side and find her. I'm thinking they are worth the money you pay for them. Do some googling for other brands of linen sheets and do some comparison shopping. I'm sure they are 3x's the price of Homegoods sheets because they are much better quality. Check where each is made. That will be a clue.

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Hi. I have duvets, quilts, shams, bedskirts and comforters from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, LandsEnd, and JCPenney. (I am a bit of a bedding addict!)

The MBR is all RH bedding and it is hands down the best quality bedding in the house. Next would be PB and LE, and then HG and JCP.

I also have one Tommy Hilfiger set in DD's room, and in my opinion it is slightly better quality than some of the other brands sold at HG.

I am basing my "quality" ratings on stitching, softness, shrinkage, and fit. (The LE is the roomiest, followed by RH.)

I have rotated most of the HG and JCP out, because it just doesn't look as nice as the other brands.

The RH bedding is luxurious and well made, but, in my opinion, it is overpriced. Whether it is worth the cost, or not, is totally subjective.

Sorry this is so windy, but since I have so much bedding, I thought I could help!

FYI, I have linen drapes and silk drapes from both RH and PB. Again, RH is the quality winner.

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I have Belgian linen curtains and they are beautiful; they have also held up well. I have quite a few of their linens and they have also held up well. But, I've also picked up some bed pieces at Marshall's that I think are probably as good for probably 10% of the price! I don't think that RH"s outlet prices are all that good.

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Good feedback! I just wish it wasn't all dryclean now otherwise I'd buy some in a heartbeat because it always feels like great quality.

I have a few pieces from their pre-industriual era that are meachine washable and have held up wonderfully. I even use one of the pillow shams as a dogbed cover.

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I have the Belgian Linen duvet and wash it in the washer/dryer. I just double-checked the web site and it says "Machine wash."

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Handmade in the U.S.A. is linen bedding by Rough Linen, owned by Tricia Rose. I love her website and blog. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Rough Linen

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My pottery barn linen faded like crazy.

Does RH linen fade?

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saw50st8 .......... was yours drapery? I can only speak for the bedding, in a room without sunlight (drapes are closed.) ...... Nothing has faded after multiple washings, but my color is an oatmeal-ish tone... not too dark.

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Thanks for the posts. I am very picky about quality sheets, and love real linens. They have a bit of texture and heft, and I much prefer them to the soft, silky cotton sheets that seem to be popular. I've bought linen sheets from garnet hill (OK,but pilled, wore out after 3 years), Cuddledown (basic white and ivory, very fine quality, expensive), Linoto (fabric similar to Cuddledown, great fit, wide range of colors and even stripes), and jumperjilly on ebay (heavy, hemstitched panels. I just bought a new topsheet because I like the extra weight).
Looks like I'm on my way back to the RH outlet!

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I have the RH duvet and quilt in my MB and Love it, however I ordered the Vintage Belgian Linen Sheets and am dissapointed that they do not feel soft!!! I washed them twice then dryed them but no difference.
Does anyone have these and will EVER soften?? Its alot of money for rough sheets!

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Since this has been resurrected, I'll add that I tried a RH silk coverlet, and was disappointed that it was very stiff. Right now I'm using a HG cotton quilt, not one of the better ones I've ever seen there, but it's working as a place holder until I find something I love.

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Linen does soften up over time and it does tend to be a tad uncomfortable when new. However, although I haven't seen the RH sheets in person, I wouldn't be surprised if they are coarser than good quality old-fashioned linen sheets were.

But that is how linen works. It starts out a little scratchy, lasts forever, and gets softer and softer as it ages.

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Are we talking sheets or comforter~I'm confused. IMO, I wouldn't rely on a comforter getting softer after washing. If it isn't soft from the beginning, you really don't know what you're getting. Price won't necessarily give you what you want.

As for sheets, I don't care for the ultra- high thread counts or the silky feeing type either. I purchased organic sheets from Target and love them. They've been washed several times and have not pilled at all.There may be organic comforters also. ;o)

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Oh yeah, I agree. I thought we were talking about sheets or a duvet that is used in place of a top sheet. I agree--comforters are what they are.

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Holly- Kay

Allison, thank you for posting the rough linen site. I sent for the card and plan on ordering linen sheets, pillow slips, and at least one of her awesome pinnys.

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Know that you can purchase RH on Ebay at better prices than the outlet. I found out through my daughter who gasped when I paid full price. Yes they're worth it but she got her's for half of what I paid. I have the drapes, shower curtains and bedding including quilt and I don't regret it but I do love a bargain.

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can't figure out why this thread was bumped. But I have had RH linen sheets for several years, and just bought my first Rough Linen sheet.

I love, love, love the feel of the linen sheets and will never go back to cotton. The first set of Belgian Linen RH sheets developed a big hole, and they sent me a replacement set. I've also ordered some of the other linen weights from RH, and I don't like them as much as the regular Belgian Linen line.

The Rough Linen sheets seems to have a finer hand, and of course, they are made in the US, not china.

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Holly- Kay

Violet, I never looked at the date when I commented on this but it was on page one of the forum so I thought it was current. Which linen did you go with? I am thinking of using the smooth linen in natural.

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For the Rough Linen? I got smooth linen in white. My next purchase from them may be the "summer cover" in Orkney white.

I have some of the RH linen in blue and gray. Really don't like it as much as the white with my color scheme. I like more color than the very neutral pallette Tricia Rose prefers.

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Holly- Kay

I think I prefer the natural but the white looks lovely as well. I like the idea of it being organic. I was a bit confused by the options. I saw the summer cover and wonder how it differs from the regular sheet.

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I have to say that I've been a bit disappointed in RH bedding and towels. They're fine but don't seem worth the price. I also bought towels and sheets at Nordstrom on sale that are much finer quality - I use those for the MB.

I do love RH curtains, though, and have bought several types of linen (and leather) RH furniture that I like.

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Has anybody checked out the H&M or IKEA linen duvet sets yet? Definitely way cheaper, and I have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised by H&M duvet cover quality.

I find that in the US duvet covers are hopelessly overpriced, perhaps because they are still relatively novel.

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nosoccor, the Ikea linen duvet cover set is pretty good for the price, don't care for the H&M one.

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We have a linen duvet cover from RH, and it has gotten softer over time. We also have their cotton/linen blend sheets, which are lovely, but sleep kind of hot. We also have their vintage washed Belgian sheets, which started a tiny bit scratchy, but are blissfully soft after maybe 3 or 4 washes. Finally, I sprung for a sheet from Rough Linen, and it's in a class of its own. Others have quibbled that the RL line doesn't include fitted sheets, but if you buy a size up (as recommended for mattresses taller than 12") and do hospital corners, the thing does not untuck, and it's an amazing night's sleep. I'm very fond of our Restoration stuff, but the Rough Linen really is of a quality unto itself.

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old thread. Many other threads about RH and RL

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I shop at the outlet every now and then for pillow covers. I love any bedding that I've gotten from RHO. It feels so good, washes up so nicely and has such a nice feel. Someday when I can afford sheets from RHO I will definitely not hesitate to buy!

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