What the best garlic press?

cloudy_christineDecember 13, 2013

It's on my son's Christmas list. Specifying not the Oxo or the Susi.

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I have an alligator garlic dicer, from Williams Sonoma, from many years ago. I really like it, but I just noticed this garlic rocker at Macy's and it is probably even better. Easier to clean.

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momj47, I believe that's the Joseph Joseph, which was talked about on this forum before. I did buy one and I like it, except that I don't find it particularly easy to clean. There is always some garlic stuck in the holes. What I do is just let the garlic dry in there and then it is easier to get out.

I've always wanted a garlic press where 'tines' could be turned so that they press out the remaining garlic. Hard to explain, but I've seen them on the market. Does anyone have one of those and how do they like it?

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I like the rocker as well - - on the days when carpal tunnel has me in pain, it's a lifesaver.

I also like the Trudeau garlic press because it cleans so easily. Is that the one you were thinking of, maxmom?

Here is a link that might be useful: Trudeau Garlic Press

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Maxmom - I think you are referring to "The Garlic Twist"
I love it! I have had it about 10 years - you smack the garlic with entire unit to loosen the skin, add the garlic - I rough slice big garlic - twist & you get beautifully even minced/pressed garlic. I use the tines of a fork to get every little bit out. I do not put it in the dishwasher -
easy to clean. I use it every day and recommend it highly.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Garlic Twist

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Another vote here for the Joseph Joseph rocker. Love it!

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All Oxo's might not be the same but mine is pretty bad for a couple reasons. I sometimes use a microplane but find it a little slow and messy. More often than not I reach for my Joseph Joseph. For a lever type ATK rated Kuhn Ricon Epicureon the best. $$ though.

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I have this one and like that there is a choice of mince.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monopol press

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Annie Deighnaugh

I had a press that reversed so it pushed the remaining garlic out from between the holes, but I stopped using it...it was just too difficult to clean. Whatever didn't get stuck in the holes got trapped between the teeth. Now I smash the garlic with a wide blade knife, peel, and then chop and smash, chop and smash and it's done...very quick and easy...no mess to clean.

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I have one that looks like that monopol; I like it.

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I'm all about garlic presses, LOL. I can't tell you how many I've purchased. I see several of the ones I've had mentioned, linked, or pictures posted here. I do not like the monopol - for me it is a pain to clean and since I am not the only one cooking, those pieces don't always end up where they are supposed to and I have to search for them when I need them. I had one with tines that another poster said they would like (not the twister), and I liked that idea, but the actual garlic press did not press the garlic to my satisfaction. I have two favorites: the Joseph & Joseph Rocker and Pampered Chef's garlic press. The rocker doesn't press the garlic as small as the Pampered Chef does, but that is okay with me. If I want it smaller, I just rock on over the garlic a few more times. And I find it very easy to clean. Immediately after using it I put it in a glass of water so that the garlic doesn't dry (or put it into the dishwater) and then when I wash it I use my kitchen brush to poke the garlic out of the holes. The Pampered Chef press is very easy on my hands and arms and no more difficult to clean than most other presses.

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I bought the rocker press and after a few uses, I gave it away. With carpal tunnel and RA in my wrists this was a killer. I went back to my normal press, as shown above where the fingers/hand are used to force the garlic through and not my wrists.

I bought mine at Ikea with a lovely little door that opens up for cleaning. Very easy to use.

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I have 2 Zyliss presses...and old one that I've had for years and 1 newer version (the Zyliss Jumbo) which works just as good as the old one except that it's larger. Larger is nice--the larger cloves (like Music garlic) fit better & you can load several cloves of smaller garlic. Both can with a cleaning gizmo but I never use it...just toss them in the dishwasher & they come out mostly clean. Anything left quickly dries & is easy to flick away with your fingernail.

I'd like to try the Joseph Joseph rocker but don't want to spend the fifteen dollars for one when I have a perfectly good press already. So I'm waiting & hoping to find one at a garage sale for cheap!

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I think i have them all and never bother. I just give a clove a wack with the back flat of a chef knife and it peels easy for a quick mince or slices or chop. But that wasn't the question, : ).

Stopped by ChefCentral today for hog casing and oogled all the gack. Saw a new model, very nice. I'm pretty certain it is from the CIA collection, (a best friend teaches there so that tip stuck)
It has a mince area and next to that is a slice area. Also a poker that seems to snap inside the handle. (one of mine flips around and cleans). I also have a small slicer but it slices paper thin.
Way too thin.
Well, can't find it on Amazon but others exist to give an idea. Must be some helpful cleaning hint to pass around the web. I always just used a stiff nail brush on the flat side.
I always run a fat carrot through my grinder after meats...

Not sure who sells the CulinaryInstitute collection...

Here is a link that might be useful: garlic press and slicers

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I have the Adcraft AGP-75 die cast aluminum which has the reverse cleaning part and I really like it both for mincing and cleaning. It's on Amazon for under $7.00.

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Thanks, everybody!

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I have two garlic presses and both work exceptionally well. If you're a fan of Alton Brown then you'll appreciate that they are both "multi-taskers."

For smaller quantities of garlic I use this:

For larger quantities of garlic I use this:

If you like some tips on how to chop garlic The New York Times offers this video of Jacques Pepin.

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The rocker needs a bit of ooooomph to crush the clove and presses need wrist strength. Have a look at this. It produces effortless very fine slices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leifheit slicer

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I have the Kuhn Rukon Epicurean, and I am very happy with it. It holds large cloves and being stainless, I can put it it the dishwasher.

Years ago, an old roomate had the best garlic press I've ever used, I think it might have been an earlier version of the press that lizbeth mentioned, and it was wonderful. When I moved to a new job, I replaced it with a non-stick Zyliss but the coating started to flake off after a few months.

I did without one for while but got the Kuhn Rukon as a wedding gift and am happy with it. I would love to try the Joseph Joseph Rocker as I love the simplicity of the design.

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