Where to put the microwave?

Kristen HallockMarch 11, 2013

Originally I planned to just put the microwave on an open shelf in the kitchen. I might still do that. But I like the idea of hiding it behind doors or something. I only use the MW for reheating small things or for making popcorn. Our current MW will be replaced by something that looks a little nicer, especially if we put it on an open shelf. I am thinking of maybe a GE Space Maker so that it sits in a 12" deep shelf pretty easily.

I love this idea

But I realized that since I'm just going with Kraftmaid cabinets, although I might be able to replicate the look, since i wont have inset doors, the garage door style door will not stay open on its own while I use the MW. Bummer!

So could I just put it on the bottom shelf of a regular 30" cabinet? One without a middle style of course. Or should I go the open shelf route?

The other issue I am finding is that I cant seem to find a Kraftmaid cabinet with a microwave shelf that is 39" tall (like the rest of my uppers were going to be). What is up with that?

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I went with KraftMaid also. The option for a microwave shelf (not something customized) is just an open base lower cabinet that is finished all all sides on the inside. They did not offer a garage door for it. I originally wanted to put mine on a lower shelf in my peninsula since like you - i only use it to reheat coffee and little things - and pop popcorn. But, when I realized i was losing prime cabinet real-estate where I could put a 30" drawer, I decided to re-locate it over the range - where I didn't want it in the beginning but it does make the most sense for me. Also, I have 3 kids - my youngest is 3 and with the microwave at his height - I also feared he woudl constantly play with it and push buttons, etc. Good thing we put it up - because since demo started, our microwave is temporarily located on a table at his exact height and he IS constantly opening and closing the door, and pushing buttons. So, it all worked out for us.

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How about in the pantry (if you have a walk in one). That is what I am doing....so, I will have my Kuerig and Micro on a shelf in the pantry....

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I really hate using counter space for a microwave, so we opted for a GE Profile micro hood over the cook top.

It has worked fine now for 11 years, and we have purchased a new home and will use that as a solution.


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We put our ge spacemaker on a shelf.

Here is a pic of the shelves. The mw is now on the lower shelf. We painted them black. They were too expensive from shenandoah and didn't want to bother with custom blend stain (which is an option).

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