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happychaosJanuary 10, 2014

Hi all,

We have 1989 home that has a pretty small laundry room. Next to the laundry room is an extra bedroom. The washer and dryer are set against the wall that the laundry shares with the bedroom, and all plumbing/electrical is in the shared wall.

The laundry room and extra bedroom are located right off the garage door, which is the door that we use 99% of the time. We would like to convert this extra bedroom to a mud/laundry room, and use the current laundry room as a "pocket office". I realize this may sound hokey to some, but we have three young children and live in the cold, snowy, upper Midwest. This would improve the function of our home tremendously.

So my question is, how difficult or involved is it to pull the laundry hookups and plumbing out the other side of the wall? The W/D would sit just on the other side of the wall from where it is now. The washer currently drains into a plastic tub, but we would be open to losing the tub, and have the drain in the wall, as we had in a previous home. The basement below is not finished.

Thank you so much for any insight or advice you can provide!

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A slop sink always comes in handy. Open the other side and you'll see how easily it can be accomplished.

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It sounds not too bad. You will have to open your wall up to see exactly what your situation is. You'll need room in the wall to add a standpipe if you don't want the washer to drain into the sink. Make sure you think about how the dryer is going to be vented -- there generally isn't room to run a vent horizontally through a stud wall. And you'll want to do the wiring so that the washer is not on the same circuit as the office outlets.

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