Blanco Silgranit versus Swanstone sinks???

shoezooMarch 19, 2008

I've finally narrowed down my sink choice to the 1 3/4 sink from either Blanco or Swanstone. What helped you make the choice between the 2 companies? I can't find many reviews or differences between either brand.

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I ordered the Blancodiamond Super Single sink yesterday, so I can't speak from experience, but only from my decision. I think the Blanco will be more stain and heat resistant from what I have read around here. I got it for $280 total!

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I have had my double bowl black silgranit sink for three years and still love it! Mine is 1 1/2 size and cost me close to $400.

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I've had my Blanco Rondo silgranit sink installed for about a month now. I LOVE it. I bought it mostly for the size and shape (it's round and fits nicely in our bar area), but while waiting for the rest of my kitchen to get finished it has gotten very heavy use, and it's a dream to use and clean! Good luck.

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I can't think of anyone here who has experience with both. We've owned Swanstone sinks for 20 years and they're excellent. I think either one will be fine, get whichever you find the best price on.

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I bought my swanstone "granite" sink for the shape and the color. I haven't used it yet but it's very pretty ;-)

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I recently made the Swanstone granite vs. Blanco Silgranit decision. I had a smaller space than you, but here's my take-away:

1. Swanstone's epoxy/resin formula is different than Blanco's. There's much less experience with it on the forums.

2. For my smaller sink, Swanstone's offset drain and approximately centered faucet hole were big pluses. (Blanco's faucet hold was on the sink's right corner, and its drain was centered.) I'm not sure how that translates to your choices.

3. It's difficult to see Swanstone granite in person, and many salespeople don't yet know that Swanstone has a granite option. My impression is that Swanstone hasn't done a thorough marketing push with its dealers.

4. The cost of the sinks were similar. However, in mid-February Swanstone experienced a materials shortage that was expected to last until mid-March. I'd call the company to see if that's been resolved yet.

I don't know what your timeline is. My sink (Swanstone single bowl granite, in Nero) should be installed in about 2 weeks. I can give you first-use feedback then.

Hth, Cate

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Iramos, where did you order your blanco sink from? Both sinks look so similar to me. The biggest difference I can find is in the price.

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Thing for me is that swanstone started out as a knock off version of corian-- similar, but lower quality at a lower price.

I suspect the same is true of their 'granite' sinks as well. They may still be a great bargin, may last for years, but I'm literally betting my money that an actual silgranit will be worth the extra bucks down the line.

Oh, just to complicate the decision further, are you aware that Franke and some other companies also make sinks of this type?

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I saw the Franke sink but didn't like it's design as well as the Swanstone or the Blanco silgranite. The Franke had a rim around the edge that would be one more thing to keep clean.

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>>swanstone started out as a knock off version of corian-- similar, but lower quality at a lower price. DuPont charges a premium for their name on products, both Corian and Zodiaq. They are no better than anybody else's, although their customer service is the industry standard.

By assuming "because it costs more, it's better", you are merely buying into marketing hype. Swanstone in fact has a higher heat resistance than Corian, and offers sinks in all its Swanstone colors unlike DuPont. OTOH, they are lousy marketers, and always have been. LG's Hi-Mac product IS Corian - they produced it for DuPont, and the moment the patent protection ended, they just continued producing it with their own range of colors.

Unless you have either lived with Swanstone for decades as I have, or have the facts to back up the "DuPont is better" argument, I'm afraid I can't agree with that statement.

Our previous sink was a Kohler porcelain-clad cast iron Executive Chef. When the contractor pried it out after 16 years it was as perfect as when it was put in. The Swanstone sink (I have the original composite Swanstone, not the new granite sink, however) is BETTER on every count: quieter, beautiful, easier to clean.

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I stand corrected.

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I took the plunge and ordered a Swanstone Low Divide today and it should arrive in a few days! Swanstone and Kohler (cast iron) are the only two manufacturers that offer the low divide risers that make a double sink function as a large single. I was positive that I didn't want cast iron. Since I don't have one of those huge kitchens with prep sinks, farm sinks, etc. I had to find one sink that would do everything. I wish I could see this granite composite in person but it just didn't work out that way. I also ordered the new drain assembly so everything will be fresh and new. Will post later to let everyone know if I'm satisfied.

BTW, I keep saying my granite install will be in 3 or 4 weeks. I can't get scheduled until I physically drop off the sink so it's still going to be a few weeks out. Can't wait!

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