dog toys

NinapearlJune 9, 2010

every time i go to the dollar general, i pick up one of these for about $4. sometimes they're in a sale bin for $1. pea has a whole basket full of these.

i don't know if i have the only dog around who isn't destructive with toys but she has never once torn one of these up. she treats them like her babies.

what a life, huh? LOL

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My kids never had as many toys as my dog does. there's the box in the living room, the basket in my office & the box in the bedroom + plus whatever is under the furniture. she always wants the ones in the very bottom.

They sure are enjoyable to watch - seeing how they'll play differently with different toys.


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So sweet! She is a doll.
My 2 yr old, 95 lb Lab has a bucket full of stuffed toys that he too NEVER tears. He greets everyone at the door with one in his mouth (sometimes 2), and usually takes one with him to sleep. I have to hide them when my mom comes to visit with her Doxie because he tears them all open in a matter of minutes!

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Too cute! Daisy, my beagle, is funny with stuffed toys. She destuffs most of them in about 5 minutes. I think her goal is to get to the "prize", which is the plastic squeaker inside. But then there are a few toys that she has never torn up. Interestingly, they are the toys that belonged to my departed dogs. Must be something to that.

My mom used to buy tons of stuffed toys from garage sales for 25 cents or 50 cents each. These were children's stuffed toys. She'd wash them and distribute to all of her grand-dogs.

My dad has two goldens, and one of them loves dish towels. Those are her toys, and it's so funny to watch her carry them around. She's 13.

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Oh how adorable! Our mini-schnauzer won't play with any store bought toys, but prefers an old empty water bottle. She bats it around, then runs to catch it, growls and sometimes barks at it.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I inherited my mini-schnauzer and he came with a big basket full of toys. He takes pretty good care of them and loves to play with them. Once he picked up one of his frogs and walked over to the cat and put the frog on his back. He's come to me and put his toys on me as well. Sometimes he will want something at the bottom of the basket and will stand and bark at the basket until I come and sort through to see what he wants. He's a character.

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My sister has a Golden Ret. It is the smartest thing! It knows all the names of his stuffed animals. You can tell him to go get his Barney (yes purple dinosaur)and he will search the house until he finds it. Must be at least 10 things he knows by name.

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Great pictures Nina ... as usual.

I didn't remember if Lily was the destructive one, or Dakota who passed in January. So I just bought a new stuffed toy for Lily and/or Rocky to play with ... Lily has already torn out most of the stuffing in 2 days ... and Rocky just watches!

No more stuffed toys!

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Please be sure and wash them before giving them to your dog. Any fabric on the shelf has half a dozen chemicals in it to retard insects and mold and prevent spoiling....

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yup, mazer, i always do. wash them before i give them the first time and then about every 3 or 4 days. dane slobber, don't ya know!

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I LOVE giving my dogs toys. However, Mocha really only cares about tennis balls.

Ginger and Rusty? That's another story. Rusty "cherishes" his toys. He baby's them, he wags them, he squeaks them.

Ginger? She should be named Ginger Van-der-sloot. First she rips off the "eyes", then pulls the stuffing out through the crotch. It doesn't not matter who's toy it was, that is just "how she rolls". I swear she is part dingo and psychotic. She makes them "not look at her" first, then mutilates.

She freaks me out sometimes.

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Nina, it is sweet that your dog plays nicely with her toys! My dog is a toy destroyer like Ginger, though - she is really only interested in toys that she can rip apart (or that have food in them). I think of Savannah's toys as a diversion so that she doesn't rip up any of MY stuff : ) So I never buy anything too expensive, because most of her toys don't last long, and if they are sturdy enough to withstand her chewing, then she loses interest.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

When we first got our Jack Russel from the pound, several days later I bought her a furry toy hedgehog and placed it in the middle of the kitchen floor for her to find.
She came out from the bedroom and saw that animal and gave a loud squeal of fright and literally jumped in the air, it scared her so much.
Later, we had play time while I squeezed it a few times and hid it under my shirt.
Soon, it was ripped to tiny pieces.
That was ten years ago and I still remember her reaction.

Since then, all toys are associated with food. Stuffed kongs, for instance.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Bumblebeez, that was HILARIOUS!! Maybe it wasn't funny to your pup at the time, but it is really funny now. I hope she has recovered nicely!

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Is that a pointer? Mine have always treated their stuffed toys like treasures, (except for new rescue who is in the habit of destroying anything made of cloth). They greet you with a "present" or "payment" for attention or food. Gotta have the soft bird-dog mouths...

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nope, she's a natural-eared great dane. that's what she does when people come to the house or when she wants my attention...she will pick up one of her toys, do a full body wiggle and "talk" a blue streak while staying JUST out of reach. i always have to explain to people that she isn't growling, she is talking. :)

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My previous dogs loved squeaky stuffed toys and would eventually "gut" them. Then they were pelts.

New dogs could care less. They'd rather chew a stick and play with each other. However, they will destroy MY stuff they sneak out the dog door.

Sweet Pea is a doll.

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Our lab's favorite indoor toys are empty plastic 7-up bottles and her favorite outside toys are lids from 5 gallon buckets (those are her frisbies).

We just got one of the "Chuckit" tennis ball launchers and now we can throw much farther than with just our arms. She loves to run and it really gives her a work-out.

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LOL Carmen... I sent hubby into get dogfood the other day and he came out with dogfood and that Chuckit!

Poor Mocha has been chasing down his new tennis balls all week long with his bad hips because hubby is loving that new launcher.

On the upside, Mocha now has a zillion tennis balls to herd.

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Kind of expensive for a piece of plastic, but well worth the cost, I think!

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I like to give the toy as big as my pet. It charms me very much....

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Toys

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gotta love a good find at a garage sale! :D

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spedigrees z4VT

Nina, your photos are wonderful. I love your carrousel horse and the corgi statue on your mantle. That was quite a radical change to go from owning corgis to great Danes! My sister has a corgi and she's a little doll. She also has a golden who shreds toys and only very heavy duty rubber toys are appropriate for him.

Bumblebeez, your little dog's reaction to the fuzzy hedgehog was hilarious!

When I had my first two collies long ago, the only dog toys on the market were hard rubber things and rawhide chews. Neither dogs had any interest in these, as both were past the age of chewing when I got them. My first collie should have been a retriever, because he chase and fetch a stick or ball for hours at a time (or until his human playmate tired of the game.) But he had no particular attachment to individual balls and sticks.

When I got my third collie (as a puppy) fleecey squeaky toys came on the market and they were his precious possessions all his life. He taught my sheltie puppy to also love and cherish the toys, who in turn shared the growing toy collection with my present collie. I get sentimental when I look through the toys, remembering which were each dog's favorites.

That tv show "my dog ate what?" scares me. I do hope none of my future canines will decide to ingest any plush toys, or worse still, items like batteries or coins, etc.

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