Best Prices for FrontlinePlus for Cats Online??

katclaws_moJune 4, 2010

Hello to all.

This is the first time I am posting at this forum, but I mostly am at the KT. I need to find a reliable online site for Frontline Plus for cats. One place I found was at, but they are out of Canada. Has anyone ever ordered from them & was it a good experience??

I have 2 (indoor only) girl kitties now(Freddi--mama cat & daughter, Pinecone (just lost my beloved boy, Blackie aka Mr. Catt, 20 yr old Tuxedo kitty in April) Miss him so much.

Anyway, I was feeding/taking care of an outside stray & I think I brought fleas into the house from him--can't imagine any other way. I think I may have to get a fogger product to make sure that my kitties don't get reinfected once I take care of them. And, I am getting bit like crazy! I've washed all the bedding (hot water + bleach) & scrubbed the area, but still getting bit. Never in all my years of having pets, have I run into this.

Anyway, Our vet is pretty expensive, our local petsmart only has 3 month paks. I am looking for at least the 6 pak to split for both kitties for now. Free shipping or low S&H is helpful.

To be honest, money is tight, but I need to get my babies free of those fleas & me too.

I would appreciate your suggestions, advice, websites regarding the best savings for flea products etc.

TIA ~~ katclaws

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Buy from your vet and use half a dose on each cat after the first month....I think you pretty much have to eat it for one month. Frontline is going to be about 10 a bottle. $10 a month for each cat. Then split the bottles - I used half dose on my dog for years. Also be sure to wash down all areas the cats might walk on after fogging so the residue is not on their feet where they lick....good luck

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