Rescue Remedy is my hero!!

arlosmomJune 3, 2010

I'm only a very occasional poster here, but a couple of months ago I asked you all for advice about my elderly (14 years old) dog who had begun to pee in the house. You all were so supportive and nice. I'd pretty much resigned myself to cleaning up daily puddles.

But now I have a good news update.

I had Arlo at the vet last week for his annual checkup and shots, and was talking to the vet about it. I asked about doggie prozac or something else that might help with anxiety. The vet suggested trying Rescue Remedy (he felt it would be much easier on his liver than pharmaceuticals). So I've been putting 4 drops on a chunk of bread and giving it to Arlo before I leave the house, and so far he's been dry 5 days out of 6! Yea!!!!

Hopefully I haven't just jinxed my good luck by sharing it with you.

Here is a link that might be useful: my earlier post about Arlo

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Lovely - An inexpensive way to deal with a most traumatic of issues. Way to go, and kudos to the vet!!!

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I have four cats and one dog right now, had more of each at times, Rescue Remedy is always on hand; I use it also, it's actually originally made for people.

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I rely on rescue remedy a LOT. I have 2 dogs that are "storm-stupid". They just get insane when there is a thunderstorm.

I love rescue remedy, but the EASIER way with rescue remedy is to get the spritz.

instead of drops (because it is not INGESTING the product that makes it work --- its the smell), get the spritz.

One spray (it's like "binnaca") or spritz and it works. Just spritz it on the nose or teeth.

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