kraus kbu27 fit a 36" cabinet or only kbu26?

akcorcoranMarch 25, 2013

I have a 36" framed cabinet with 3/4" wood sides. As I'm looking at the KBU27, which I'd prefer and the marketing materials say it would fit a 36" cabinet, the width makes me think it wouldn't without routing out the sides of my cabinet? Anyone know if it can fit a 36" cabinet without modifications or it has to be wider?

From what I see, only the KBU26 would fit - which leads me to think I'd go with the Ticor S105-8 because it's larger but still fits happily in a 36" cabinet.

Thanks for your assistance!

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And, follow up - can you turn a sink with a center drain either direction? If I went Kraus, I also need a prep sink - I have a 21" cabinet and am trying to get as large as I can for that size.

Kraus has the KBU16 which is at least longer one direction - can I turn it either direction (meaning, where i put my faucet?)

I wish I could fit something larger - and with a rear drain. Can I mix stainless brands? They are about 4' apart - so visible to each other but not exactly right next to each other. (And, undermount...)

Here is a link that might be useful: KBU16

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I recently had a Kraus KBU24 installed that was a 60/40 split too. I too was worried about the 3/4 wood sides. But in actuality, they have no effect on the actual installation of the sink. The base cabinet itself, measures 36" from one side to the other, and that's what the sink fits into from the top. Are you doing under mount? I must say that I was very impressed with the Kraus sink that I ordered on Amazon. It is packed beautifully and looked gorgeous! Now that I've finished my remodel (it's been over a week now), I'm not too thrilled on stainless steel anymore. It really does spot a lot. Even if Kraus gives you a free washcloth to wipe it down, in reality, who wipes down a sink everyday after use? I wish I would have done more research on the Siligranite. I thought it would be out of my price range, but I paid $400 for my Kraus. Just food for though :)

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Hi - I am doing undermount so yours fits under a 36" cabinet?

I guess on the stainless side, I'm not sure I'm as focused on how shiny the stainless stays - we've got two kids 10 and under so the sink is just constantly in use. But you're saying it spots? If it's brushed stainless, it shouldn't matter that much and I haven't heard that much from others?

I was really looking at the silgranite based on folks here but you still do have to wipe down the sides when you put food or oils in them, right? And, we have a very traditional old house that has stainless appliances in them, so I am just thinking the stainless will be more in line with that sort of look.


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If your cabinet is 36" and the cabinet walls are 3/4", you have 34 1/2" of space to drop the sink into. If you use a 35 1/8" sink it will have to sit on the sides of the cabinets. The installer would "scoop" the sides so the sink edges can rest in the "scooped" groove and the countertop goes over that.
The drawback is if you "modify" the cabinet by scooping it, you will void its warranty. Another drawback, although unlikely for it to happen, is if you ever have to swap out the sink for another sink, it would be difficult to remove the old sink.

Another consideration, you have to leave some room for the mounting hardware, and for your contractor to get his hands around the sink to be able to install it.

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HI jerzeegirl,

Hmmmm... all good points! I showed my GC the exact drawing and he seemed to think it would be fine but that was b/c the bowl was small enough to sit in the interior area, but now I see your point on the issue of scooping out the sides perhaps.

I will ask him tomorrow. Thanks for being my watchdog! :-)

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