power auger main drain

hogan_njJanuary 31, 2011

I rented one from Hd and i was told sometimes tree roots could grow and break through the drain pipe outside. He talked me into buying a chemical to breakdown the roots from tree.

By killing the roots does that invite other problems once the roots are gone?

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No, but they're never totally gone. Using the root killer periodically supposedly keeps the them at bay. Otherwise wait for the next backup and rent the auger again.

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Not sure how well the root killer actually works since it washes through the drain with all the other stuff and just goes into the sewer. If you do use it, use it last thing at night so it might stay in the line at least overnight.

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If the tree roots are in the line they WILL be back.

Start saving for a line replacement.

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I think the problem is the toilets. They are contractor grade and 10 years old. I think i did a good job with the auger. Can cheap toilets cause some clogging issues?

Maybe i need to manually auger the toilets. I thought since problem with all three it would be the main drain but the toilets were all installed the same day and i am sure are the low end contractor toilets.

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"Can cheap toilets cause some clogging issues?"

Usually only with clearing the bowl.

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Still having problems with clogging. Is the only other solution to replace and buy a better toilet?

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Does the water flush into the bowls slowly too? If so, you might have to just poke the holes under the rims open. But if it fills up to the top of the bowl and doesn't go down, it could mean either something is stuck in the base of the toilet, or maybe the line is actually clogged. Get a hand mirror, look under the rim, and ream out those holes. You might get lucky. Also, right after one of these clogs, you can try pouring a large bucket of water directly into the bowl to see if if goes down rapidly like it should. That would also indicate it could be the toilets.

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They are contractor grade. 10 yrs old and i think i am ready to replace. The only question i have is i shopped around online and most have a standard 12" rought in. The strange thing is the toilet in my sons bathroom is exactly 12" from back of wall to center of bolts. The master bath is the same toilet and i measure 13".

Does this make sense?

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I was trying to help you confirm whether or not the toilets are issue. But if you just want to assume that and replace them, by all means go ahead. 12" rough-in's for all.

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Thank you homebound. I just feel it would be a good idea to replace because this is not the first time the contractor cut corners and gave us absolute minimum.

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