One problem solved, now another one...

ritaweedaJune 7, 2012

Last week I posted about the fleas being a problem for the first time and that the pyrethrin-based prevention control wasn't working. I tried another product with fipronil and it is working, thanks for all the advice. We were so shocked and wondering why the sudden influx of fleas and then we remembered we had taken the dog to meet the FIL for the first time. He has two dogs and I have a feeling she picked them up there. We were only there for about an hour but I'm sure if the place is infested they probably jumped aboard for a trip down the road 50 miles. The new problem now - I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what to do about her stinky feet??!! I never knew a dog's feet could stink, but she was up on the couch next to me and whew!!! And she hates for her feet to be messed with in any way, so this might be a chore.

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Maybe her feet are sensitive/tender/sore because she has a fungus?
(which would make her feet stink)

You might try an athlete's foot spray such as Tinactin;
it's just a fungicide, & a spray wouldn't hurt her.

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Sounds like she may be experiencing a problem with yeast. This isn't uncommon but usually means allergies and/or infection. I would take a trip to Vet so they can properly treat it.

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Her feet don't show any signs of a problem, she isn't chewing or licking them at all, isn't limping or showing any signs of discomfort, but I'll check with the vet. Don't want to put anything on her feet until I find out if it's safe.

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