water flow control for bathroom sink?

hjihjiJanuary 18, 2009

I just installed a new sink and faucet in our bathroom. The faucet is one of those "waterfall" faucets, where the water comes out of a slot in between laminated glass plates. Unfortunately, the faucet is tilted so the water comes out at an angle, rather than straight down. As a result, the water splashes against the sink bowl when it's first turned on. I can tell this is going to get old quickly.

I've tried reducing the water flows by turning down the water valves under the sink, but I don't have enough control so that the water flow rates stay at a certain reduced flow. So sometimes the flow can be fine and other times it can just trickle out.

I'm looking for something I can place into the water line between the shutoff valves and the faucet that would allow me to limit the flow rate of the water while having the shutoffs turned all the way open. If I could have something that was adjustable so that I could balance the hot and cold water flows, that would be even better.

If anyone could help me with a practical suggestion I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

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is the faucet supposed to be tilted? if not then fix it.

a flow limiter to lower the pressure is not gonna do much different than just turning the valves down some. whatever you do it is going to have poor flow unless fully open.

how much pressure does your house have? maybe you have too high water pressure for teh faucet and a pressure reducer is the answer.

note that pressure and flow are 2 different things entirely. pressure is how much force the water has, while flwo is the volume of water it can pass. it is possible to have large flwo with little pressure jsut as it is possible to have high pressure with little flow.

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Besides correcting faucet mount, you could install circuit setters that control water flow to a precise setting but they are costly.

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Do you have gate valves or ball valves? I have had luck with ball valves regulating the flow. I am not guaranteeing it though.

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Thanks for your replies. I'll try to answer all of the questions.
1. the faucet is supposed to be tilted like it is. Unfortunately the way the sink is shaped the water hits the sloped edge rather than the flat bottom which helps water splash all over the place (as I've discovered). So there're really nothing to do to readjust where the water hits the sink bowl, short of replacing either the sink or the faucet.
2. We have pretty high pressure at our house. I don't remember the number, and I'm not there to check on it. Recently our town put a booster pump to help with water pressure on our street, which goes up hill from the pump. We're the first house at the bottom of the hill, so we have some pretty hefty pressure. At the time the pump was turned on, I had to have a plumber come in and replace our main shut off valve. I don't recall right now if he put a regulator in the line. I vaguely remember him saying that we were just near the highest pressure you'd want to have in a house and that the regulator wouldn't be necessary. But again, I'd have to verify that when I get home. I would think that if there's a regulator in the water main, I could turn down the pressure a bit until the water came out less forcefully. If you think a regulator in the water main could help, please let me know, and I'll consider putting one in. I can do my own plumbing, but I didn't want to replace the shutoff valve myself because the town had to come by and shut off our water outside so the valve could be swapped out. I didn't want to have to deal with it not being a perfect plumbing job so I paid for someone more experienced to do it. But now that I have a way to kill the water inside the house, I'm not afraid to install a regulator. I just wouldn't do the work on a Sunday night, after all the harware stores have closed, in case I need something quickly.
3. I believe the valve I have is a gate valve. I think it's one of those quarter turn from off to on, which doesn't allow for much in the way of fine adjustments.

Interestingly, and I don't know if this is obvious to others (but it's not to me), the water splashes when first turned on, but then it's fine. So it's that initial surge that's the problem.

I'll swing by HD and price some pressure regulators. I won't buy anything until later, though.

thanks again for your help.

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