Need to know what the initials stand for

swallowtail_growerJune 6, 2010

Hello, I`ve been reading alot of posts and I see these different initials come up and I have heard of them before but could someone explain exactly what each one means: FeLP, FIV, also FIP Thank you ever so much I know one of them is like Parvo but in a kitten or cat.

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FeLP is Feline Leukemia, I think it's always or usually fatal. FIV is often referred to as feline "AIDS"--it is not related to human AIDS. I believe it is an immunodeficient illness. Cats can live a long time with FIV.

FIP is Feline Infectious Peritonitis (sp?). It is a mutation of the coronavirus (which many/most cats are exposed to; FIP only occurs in only kittens/cats genetically predisposed for it to develop into FIP). It is always fatal (in both dry and wet forms); there is no cure and vaccines is/are not reliable from what I've read and heard. Most diagnoses are annecdotal--only 100% way to diagnose is through a necropsy-- a biopsy (liver?) after death. Because the virus itself is constantly mutating, the tests are not reliable. Our kitten tested negative for FIP on an ELISA test and while we did not have a necropsy performed, she clearly had FIP.


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Thank you for answering, one of the kittens I`m fostering seems ill they all still play but some have diarrhea, but all have good appetites, is there a test that a vet can get to see if the kitten does have one of the above they are about 2 months old but are small I have been fostering them for a shelter here in our town no throwing up and still want to eat.

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FeLeuk is not always fatal. My last kitty tested feleuk + her whole life and lived until nine years when she succumbed to FIP. I had a shelter cat who was FeLeuk + and reverted. This sometimes happens when the mother was +. She later tested normal and lived until nearly twenty years of age.

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Would it help to add some chicken broth to their kitten chow? they all like chicken I put a small bit of a can of cat food just so they eat more, I sure want to save them, but If I was honest to myself I know something is amiss here.

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They may have parasites like coccidia, or giardia. It's very common in kittens and isn't at all suppressed by 'worming' like they'd get at a shelter. I know a lady who will not spay her females and it's like a coccidia incubator at her place. If you clear one up they get it again because another cat has it.

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Coccidea can actually be a killer also. It's often passed through the mother's milk. Old timey vets use to call it the "scours" and it has a very "sour" smell. The kittens dehydrate soooo fast with this. You would definitely need some meds if this is a problem.

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