Please Help dog with sore rash on lips/ Muzzle

brighton-carlJune 8, 2009


My dog (German Shepherd) has had a rash for over a year now around her lips and muzzle, my vet has treated with antibiotics and advised me to try sudocream and that didnt work even afer upping the strengh of the antibiotics, so i had biopsys done around the muzzle and it was sent to a dermatoligist but nothing was found and there and there were no sore/ blisters around her anus or feet so ruled out some terrible disease i cant remember the name of.

My vet then continued the antibotics twice daily 500mg and gave steriod tablets 3 times a day and stopped taking the anti's after about 8 weeks and then weaned off the steriods and gave me a steriod cream to apply twice daily for the last 4 months. Over a few months it did ease but still there, and coming completly back, although on the whole this has reduced by half, it is still quite bad and makes me sad that i cant resolve it over this lengthy time as it looks so sore for her.

Has anoyne ever heard of this kind of thing or able to offer any advice or information, as i so want to get this resolved for her, she cant keep her sore lips with only steriod cream to keep it slightly at bay.

Any info greatly welcomed.

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Food allergy? Yeast infection?

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Did the vet do allergy tests?

This is only on her muzzle. First thing I would look at is what is she sticking her nose into. It could be something as simple as a plant in your yard.

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To aid you in helping find the culprit of your woes, we need lots more information.
Lets start with what your dog eats. Details please. Next what does your dog chew on - the more detailed you get the better we can try and help you...
Everything from what your dog comes in contact with to waterbowl, food dish, food, drink, snacks, chew toys etc....we need more 411 please

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Yes, more info is needed.

I had a dog once who got red raised bumps on his lips from eating fom a plastic bowl. When I switched to ceramic, it went away.

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It sounds like lip Fold pyroderma /lip fold dermatitis check out this link below that shows pictures and discusses treatments others have used. If the link doesn't work for you type this in your search engine and you should find some info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Discussions on lip fold pyroderma

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