Crepe Pan for induction

triciaeDecember 28, 2011

Does anybody have a recommendation for a crepe pan for induction?

We just purchased the Electrolux Induction range & I figured All Clad would be an easy replacement for my ancient Cuisinart pan that doesn't work. All Clad does make a crepe pan but I've had some difficulty locating one in stock & the reviews are "so so"...mostly the sides are too high.

The only alternative I know is LC & that so heavy. Any other suggestions?

BTW, the oven on this range is fabulous. Every time I turn it on, I feel like "Queen for a Day"! It's so pretty I open it several times a day just to look. :) Last night, we made Mac n Cheese just so I could try programming & saving a favorite setting. I set it to bake for 45 minutes, broil for 4 minutes, & then keep warm. It actually worked. We ate 1-1/2 hours after it switched to "Keep Warm" & that Mac n Cheese was perfectly browned, hot, & perfect. The "Proof" cycle has always been my dream in an oven. Very fun.



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Demeyere has a 10" crepe/pancake pan. However, like most of their products isn't cheap.

I have one of their Maxigrill Griddles but haven't tried crepes on it yet.

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I use a carbon steel omelet pan for crepes. Works great for me--I'm too klutzy to even think about trying to flip crepes.

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I have a 7" crepe pan from France that cost about $10 at a restaurant supply store, and it works perfectly for me, but I haven't tried it on an induction stove. It's one of those single use pans that gets used often enough for its single use that I found it worth the $10.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crepe pan

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Lars, thanks! That's perfect. We love crepes. I have a favorite lobster crepe recipe that gets made frequently. I'm off to order that pan.


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What about a crepe "T" scraper?

anyone uses one?


my crepe tools

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tirciae, Please post your crepe recipe.


PS: I think I'll order the crepe pan too> LOL

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7" is small imho. Mine is 12". Here's a local youtube film.

Here is a link that might be useful: crepes

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I am not sure a 12" will work with an induction cook top.

The heating area may just be about the same size as the heating element.


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I think 12" crepes are more difficult to make, but I have had them in restaurants, and they were folded into fourths. When I make them at home, I generally roll them rather than fold them, and so 7" is a better size for that. I usually fill them with seafood or chicken, roll them up and put them in a 7"x11" pan with a mushroom veloute sauce and bake them. I generally order the dessert version in a restaurant, which is why they are folded instead of rolled, I think.


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Here's our favorite simple yet delicious lobster crepes...

Crepe Filled with Lobster Madeira

Serves: 2

1 tablespoon whole butter
1 teaspoon finely minced shallots
2 medium mushrooms sliced thinly
1.5 ounces Madeira wine
3 ounces heavy cream
3 ounces fresh picked lobster meat
2 shelled lobster claws
2 crepe shells
Fresh dill for garnish


  1. Heat a medium saute pan on medium high heat. Add the butter, shallots and mushrooms and saute for 1 minute. Add the Madeira and reduce by half. Add the heavy cream and reduce until sauce will coat the back of a wooden spoon.
  2. Fold in lobster meat and heat through.
  3. Place crepe shells on separate plates and divide filling evenly between shells. Roll the crepes. Top with some sauce, a poached lobster claw and a sprig of fresh dill, and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Executive Chef Bob Tripp.

I think both for our applications for crepes & the induction the 7" pan is perfect. Thanks again, Lars.


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Here, crepes are reserved for the dessert course. You might like to try a galette which is the savoury version. I've never seen either rolled but I suppose they taste the same!

Galette for 6 people.
330g buckwheat flour
- 15 g salt
- 1 egg
- about 70 cl water
- butter for the pan.
Mis the ingredients together and leave to rest for a couple of hours or even over night. It should be quite runny. Add more water if necessary. Fry your galettes then go for it. : A typical "complete" would be a slice of ham, grated cheese, slices tomatoes all cooked til the cheese is melted - fold in the sides as in the video above. Serve a fried egg on top.
You can fill with anything you like and they are much better suited to savoury dishes and are really good. Just cheese is good, of just tomatoes and serve with a salad. Yum.

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