egg dye removal on hands help please

OklaMoniMarch 30, 2013

Lori let the kids help with egg dying. Now, their hands are very colorful.

Anyone have a better idea than toothpaste?


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Maybe baking soda? it gets Koolaid and Grape Juice stains out of formica--but I've never used it on skin. Still, it shouldn't be too harsh for them and you probably have it.

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Try Baby Shampoo. :)

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Well, they tried baby wipes, and google's suggestion of vinegar or dish soap with salt, which didn't help either, baking soda paste doesn't work either. Doug says we should try bike degreaser.

and then, they tried 409! It did the trick.

Thanks folks, we got it solved.


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It would be fun for the kids to have colorful hands for a few days. No biggie! :)

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