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dwmcJune 24, 2013

Was e-mailed instructions on how to get them from Walgreens, but have lost the e-mail and it's not under "delete".
Do you get your sub-q's from Walgreens? When you go in person no one seems to know anything, yet people say you can obtain them there for much cheaper.
If you know anything can you e-mail me?:


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spedigrees z4VT

Go to the pharmacy counter and ask for lactated ringer solution, lines, and 20 gage needles. You will need to get a prescription from your vet. Your vet might be able to call it in to the Walgreens pharmacist. I hope this helps.

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David, as the other posted stated, Ringer's is a prescription item, so you'll need to ask your vet to phone in or write you a script to present to the pharmacist. In my area, none of the pharmacies stock Ringers, but they can all order and receive it overnight once they have the prescription.

I recommend that you call around to ALL of the pharmacies in your area and ask for case pricing on Ringers. Prices can vary widely. In my area, Target is a MUCH cheaper source for Ringers than Walgreens. Also, when price checking, ask how many bags are in the case, as this varies between manufacturers, as well.


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I have not done this (yet) but one person here said their Costco was really cheap, too.

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Costco is cheap and you don't have to be a member to use the pharmacy but David doesn't have a Costco by him. Did you get my email about Walgreens? I sent it again. A lot of people have difficulty when presenting the rx at the counter for some reason-there is a way to print out the item and price from Walgreens and bring it to them with the rx. The last time I looked, a case of 12 was $20-sometihng. Years ago I went to 2 different Targets with the NDC# and they had no clue what LRS were. Thats when I went to Costco. I pay about $21 for 12. The last time I bought a bag from the vet (3 years ago) it was $15.89 for one bag-no line or needle. I haven't priced out the needles and lines in a long while. I buy them from

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Got all notes and e-mails. Thanks much. Will be looking into it!


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