Picking an alcohol for my mushroom mix

cookie8December 31, 2013

I am making stuffed beef for supper and the stuffing is a mushroom mix. I sauteed mushrooms and onions in bacon fat and seasoned with various spices. I want to add an alcohol to it to give it a kick. I am torn between brandy, vermouth and sherry. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I like to use cognac and flame it.

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Brandy (or cognac) is what we use.

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Depends on the spices. Sherry is my preferred but it has a nutty flavor. Vermouth is good in a pinch if you have no decent white wine leftover in the frig.

If the spice mix calls for it, I'd use brandy. But I prefer using brandy in my curry mixtures.

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It totally depends on the spices! I would use sherry or brandy (or cognac) and keep the vermouth as a last resort.


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Thanks. Brandy it is. Didn't even think of white wine.

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