New W-S tagine, tryintg to use it on induction cooktop

gsciencechickDecember 27, 2013

Hi, folks, I am a regular on the Home Decorating forum.

I got a tagine from W-S, and I bought a cast iron diffuser to use it on my Samsung induction range based on Amazon reviews that this was what I needed. Tried my first recipe yesterday.

The diffuser got very hot, but it did not make the clay pot very hot. Does it just take a long time for it to heat the pot? Was I being too impatient? Do I have the wrong type of diffuser? I use cast iron no problem on the induction.

I wound up browning the lamb in a skillet and transferring everything to the oven. Everything turned out good, but I'd like to not have to use the oven.

I'm sure people around the world use tagines with induction, so there has to be a way, right?


Here is a link that might be useful: W-S lamb recipe

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I am not sure a diffuser is to be used for an induction cook top.

You need an induction interface disk instead.

But even with an interface disk, I am not sure it will work with a clay pot because the clay pot has very low thermal conductivity.

You may want to consider putting the tagine inside your oven for the last part of the recipe.


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What dcarch said.

Welcome to the cooking forum and happy new year!

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Thanks. The reviews I read for the induction disk are no better than for the diffuser, with many people saying heat transfer was poor though no one specifically mentioned a tagine. W-S said to use a diffuser on a stovetop, but I'm sure it still works much better with gas.

It is still probably best to put it in the oven. DH got me the "Tagines and Couscous" cookbook, and pretty much all their recipes say to use the oven.

I know Staub and LeCreuset make cast-iron base tagines that would probably work on the stovetop.

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