what granite edge did you choose and why

bostonpamMarch 3, 2010

Templating took 5+ hours over 2 days and now I have to finalize my edges. What did you choose and why? I'm thinking semi bullnose on the wall runs (less cost) and ogee or dupont for island.

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I did the long ogee for my island and the eased for my perimeter.

I did this because the cost of ogee all the way around would have killed us. The fabricator suggested doing the long ogee on the island and the eased on the edge. He said when people walk in the kitchen, they automatically look at the island first, see that edge and then they just think that fancy edge is all around. It's true--people do think that.

The reason I liked the ogee was because of the granite-- Bianco Antico, I love the way the long ogee shows it off, with all of the mica.

I just liked the clean lines of the eased edge.

That's a long time for templating--you must have a lot of counters!

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We used an eased edge--it works best with our cabs/style and we liked it (the fancier edges wouldn't have worked in our kitchen, and neither of us really liked bullnose; semi- or full-).

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What did you choose and why?

I chose a simple edge with a slight arc, like one parenthesis. It was no upcharge and it was a clean look. I like the ogee edge but it would have been out of place in my kitchen and cost more than I wanted to spend. There is one edge I didn't like because it reminded me of post-form laminate, I don't remember what it was called.

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I wish I had chosen this edge. I keep telling myself my
next house I will do this.

Book Edge

This one below is my edge. And it is lovely. DH likes
this edge better with our dark granite. But If had
megabucks and was doing Marble I would get the book edge.

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boxerpups, I'm not one to care about fancy edges and it was quickly one of the places I decided to go for the less expensive option... but ohmigoodness that book edge is gorgeous! Not going to happen on my budget, but undeniably attractive none the less.

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I went with a 1/2 bevel. I have to say I did NOT want this edge - I thought it was too modern for my traditional/cottage kitchen. I really wanted something softer & rounder, but my DH let me make every other decision about the kitchen & he really wanted this, so I agreed.

Granite came yesterday & the edge is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy with it - I can stop rubbing my hands over it lol!

I will post a pic later...

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Originally we were thinking of an eased edge but that looked too straight, so we changed it to a 3/8" radius. It is similar to an eased with just a bit more curve. Like Cat Mom, we didn't consider a fancy edge because of our kitchen style, material and of course, cost!

Have you thought about how far out your edge will be? It is measured from the cabinet and the current trend is 1.5" or 3/4" past the pulls/knobs on your doors. We ended up going an additional 1/4" or 1" beyond. We wanted to make sure we didn't bang into our knobs at the sinks and to have enough room for the cooktop.

Isn't it amazing how complicated and stressful countertop layout can be? Ours was almost five hours on one day! Eeek!

Definitely recommend going to your countertop place and looking at the samples. Line drawings online are okay but you really need to touch and see some of those edges in 3D to make sure they are what you are wanting to live with for the next 20 years!

Good Luck!

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I will just say, I was at an open house in Wellesley last week where people made fun of the semi bullnose edge, saying it made the granite look like Formica. And it did, partly because of the interaction between the edge and the strong green color of the granite.

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I chose the Dupont edge for my island and an eased edge for the perimeter. It wasn't a matter of cost, because my fabricator said the cost included any edge I wanted, but I thought the Dupont edge was best for the island because it made it look more like a piece of furniture. I liked the simplicity of the eased edge on the perimeter.

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Just a thought... Does the edge choice differ if you have an overhang on your island or not? Not sure if it matters but thought I would throw it out there in case your island does have the overhang.


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I have a "crescent edge" on my Typhoon Bordeaux (do I remember corectly that you also have TB?). Kind of in between eased and bullnose :-) We put it on both the perimeter and the island.

This is the sample we saw at the fabricator... (good idea, earth_pal!...good to see it in person and feel it)

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We did 3/8" radius because we liked how it looked from the samples of edges we were shown. Very happy with our choice.

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I did a double eased. I really liked some of the fancier edges, but we were advised that a simple edge was best with our simple Shaker style cabinets.

Now that it's done, it was absolutely the right decision. The eye isn't confused.

So that's something you might want to consider - marrying the edge witht the cabinet edge.

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I chose full bullnose for simplicity. Fabricator urged a rough edge on island to go with Tuscan theme. I agreed in theory but knew I couldn't live with it.

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julie - I really like that crescent edge. will have to see if i can get that in laminate. I know I want something plain and rounded.

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I chose small ogee for the island and perimeter because DH & I really liked the look.

One thing to keep in mind that I didn't consider when choosing an edge is how it will feel on your arms. When I'm seated at the island for any length of time writing, working on finances, reading the newspaper, etc. after awhile the top part of the ogee edge bothers my forearms. I think the chiseled edge and 1/8 eased edge would feel the same. The 1/4 eased edge, semi-bullnose, and rounded edges look as if they'd be easier on the arms. If you're planning at sitting and writing at the island, I suggest you go somewhere to try it out to see if you think the edge may bother you. Although having said that, I really like our edge and I'm not sure I would have made a different choice at the time even if I had known that when we bought ours.

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I went with a simple ogee for my Santa Cecelia. It brings an air of luxury (to my eyes) without being too fussy. But the 'book edge' listed in an earlier post rocks!


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Thanks for everyone's comments. I do like that book edge but definitely not in my price range. I stopped at my installer today. I'm going with large ogee for the island and still undecidied on the perimeter (eased, semi-bullnose, 3/8" radius, crescent but leaning towards eased now). I'm starting to get "decisioned out". I'll see what my DH likes.

Julie you're correct we have 2 slabs of typhoon bordeaux - I cannot wait to get them in my kitchen. I started looking for granite last March and found them in Oct - it's be a long road. Everything in my kitchen is based on the granite - even my red blue star.

country_smile - thanks for the edge comment. If I'm writing or reading for a long time I would be at the table which will overlook our yard (and yet another project that starts THIS month and I'm not done with the home renovation. My goal is to finish the kitchen and TV room by April 1st. We're also adding a pool, patio and 1850 or earlier landscaping for our 1825 house - I'm working with a period landscape designer on that last part.)

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julie94602: Your countertop is beautiful! I'm trying to decide between Typhoon Bordeaux and another granite right now. Do you have any other photos of your kitchen to share?

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Half bullnose because that seemed the most practical and simplest. We have a very complex kitchen with a lot going on, so a simple edge seemed wise.

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I had to make this choice this evening. I thought I was all set on 1/2 bullnose, but decided on the eased edge. I'm liking the simplicity of it. Anyone having any other pictures of eased edge?

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heather_kitchen, thanks...just finally posted it last week :-) Finished Typhoon Bordeaux Kitchen

Bostonpam, the large ogee on the island sounds perfect and I'm sure whatever you pick for the perimeter will be great, too. I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.

P.S. I'm DYING to see it installed with your red blue star! I thought of you at Christmas when I saw how beautiful red was with the Typhoon B :-)

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I told the fabricator I wanted the very simplest edge possible, and ended up with an eased edge. It's exactly what I wanted.

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beekeeperswife - How is a long ogee different from a regular ogee? Do you have pictures?


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My granite is being installed on Monday and I will supply pictures. My cabinets are not quite done - some mix up with the KD. I went with large ogee on island and 1/4" round on perimeter (this is a little rounder than the eased edge (which my installer calls pencil edge). I also have 2 bathrooms being installed the same day - black galaxy with pencil edge in the half bath for the vessel sink and emerald pearl with pencil edge for the large 2nd floor bath. I already have a stone pedestal sink for my other bath. Besides the kitchen addition/renovation we're under major renovations - added half bath, main staircase, mudroom and pantry; gutted 2 baths and moved around a few openings; converted house back to single family; besides all new wiring, plumbing and structural updates. My lighing choices are paralyzing me (over 30!) and then I need to paint the whole house.

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I have a 1/2" bevel - I didn't want it - DH did & since I made every other decision for the kitchen, he won. But now that it is in - I LOVE it! So glad we have it :)

It actually has soft edges & is not at all sharp (wh/ is what I was afraid of) It is simple, yet has a bit of interest & it not a crumb catcher. Very happy with DH's choice.

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beekeeperswife - Here's a photo of what our fabricator calls small ogee. (maybe others call it regular)

and below is a website that shows the edge profiles. HTH

(PS - I recently saw photos of your kitchen - beautiful!!)

Here is a link that might be useful: edge profiles

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I went with the 1/2" bevelled and absolutely love how it feels and looks.
i do agree that it is important to feel the edge - just go to kitchen places to feel their granite.
i would have loved the rough edge but my fabricator doesn't do that and anyway it probably would have been too expensive.

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country_smile, I thought I was the only one who judged edges by how they felt! I'm sure there were many people wondering about me (who is this crazy woman?) as I bellied up the bar, so to speak, in every kit chen I visited during a recent remodeled home tour. I wanted to know how the edge felt against my tummy and against my arms when I stood at the sink. This little exercise moved the 3/8" or 1/2" bevel or rounded edge into the lead, bumping the eased edge out of first place.

The crescent edge looks like it might work for us, too (thanks for posting, Julie!).

I have loved that book edge, boxerpups, since the first time you posted about it. Wonder how it feels.... ;-)

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Most of my granite was installed today. Here's the big ogee on the island - typhoon bordeaux

Here's a peak at my island

Here's a 1/4" round on the perimeter - just a slight curve

And here's a pencil edge on the black galaxy in the bath

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Thanks a lot, boxerpups, now I am rummaging around my house trying to find some sort of instrument so I can chisel me some Book Edge out of my same ole/same ole eased edge. ;^)

It's gorgeous!

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bumping this b/c I found this to be so helpful.....please continue to post pictures of your edges.

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Here's mine, sorry I don't have a close up shot...I went with the 1/4 round which is basically a rounded off squared edge... So happy with it, for 2 reasons. It really makes the granite look thick and chunky, AND it is super easy to clean. My old Corian counter had a waterfall type edge that collected a lot of grime and gunk.

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I have a beveled edge. I wanted a slightly more contemporary look, but didn't want to go all the way to an eased or pencil edge.

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Two other thoughts: someone in an earlier post had warned against a full bullnose edge, because she said liquids ran down the underside of it and onto the cabinets. Any experience with this? And, if you have little ones whose heads are counter-high, I would think a rounded edge would be safer for their heads and eyes.

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We Ogee'd everything. We first ordered only the island and our bar area since it was so expensive to do. I thought I made a mistake and should have ogee'd everything so I called but it was too late so I thought it was meant to be the way it was. Then when the granite arrived my fabricator surprised me and had ogee'd everything. My favorite section (the spice rack) would not have been ogee'd so I was so happy he surprised me.
Good luck on deciding, I know how difficult all the decisions are.

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bumping this again b/c I love seeing all the pics - I'm in the process of deciding which edge and this is really helping me!

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Mine isn't in yet but I chose a plain double pencil round/double bullnose. I prefer straight lines and generally avoid anything with "scroll." I would have gone with the chiseled edge, but I have a toddler and could just imagine what a bump on that edge would do to her...

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What a great thread and so timely! I had thought I was doing eased edge until I saw the "crescent edge" above!

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Kitchenaddict-I love your granite! How did you deal with the overhang in terms of support? I will have a 12" overhang on my island, and plan to put 2 backless stools for seating. My fabricator says no support is necessary, but I am not too sure.

I got a sample of their 1/4 round yesterday, and I noticed a "line" where the rounded section starts. It kinda gives it a beveled look when the light hits it just right. I also just noticed that it might due to the difference between the resin coating on the top of the slab, and the polished part, where the fabricator cuts and polishes the edge. Is there any way to get this out, or do you think it will "disappear" to the eye after installation. My granite is giallo napoleone.

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Half bullnose. We had planned on full bullnose, but the granite folks said half would look better with our style or kitchen. We're happy how it turned out. We have it on both the counters and the bar area.

Have also read about drips with full bullnose when water rolls off, but lot of folks say that is not a problem.

Obviously right after install:

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Thanks gilbert...It's Delicatus White Granite.

My overhang is 12 inches and there is no extra support for it. My contractor said the same thing as yours. It doesn't seem to be a problem. The 3/4 inch plywood underneath is support enough.

My 1/4 round edge has a seam..but it is in the middle of the edge, not at the top where it begins to round. It is polished on all sides so I don't notice any difference.

Hope that helps....If you need clarification please respond and I will try to explain better:)

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kitchenaddict....the plywood doesn't extend to the end of the overhang does it?

I wonder how your guy got that seam in the middle of the edge??? That would certainly be less noticeable.

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Wow, not much of chiseled edges. I first saw them in the place I'm renting (while doing the remodel) and I LOVE them, doing a 6cm chiseled edge in my remodel.

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Just another bump - this is a really helpful thread!

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thanks for bumping willis.

I just saw your question gilbert...the plywood extends underneath the overhang, but not all the way to the edge of it. So if you look under the overhang, you can see plywood.

As too how the seam runs along the middle of the edging, I don't know, but it is not very noticeable and lines up with the pattern very well.

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First post here. Canyonhome, I was so glad to see someone else mention chiseled edges. We love them too, and are also going with a 6 cm chiseled for our Niagara Gold granite. (It will be a while, the cabinet maker is just starting on the cabinets.)

We love the "massive" look that edging gives. Our fabricator does smooth the edges after chiseling just a bit so that it still has the look but isn't a snag magnet, lol. Oh, our fabricator also told us we are probably the first in our county to go with 6 cm chiseled in a kitchen (this area isn't the most progressive, lol.)

Do you have pictures of yours?

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We liked the simplicity and more contemporary look, and the lack of an upcharge, so we went with an eased edge everywhere. You can see just a bit of the edge on this photo. The granite looks pretty gray here, but it's really green, verde esmeralda.

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Does anyone regret doing a full bullnose edge? Did anyone change their minds about full bullnose - what did you wind up changing to? This is a great thread!

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How strange, noone does a standard edge? My marble bathroom countertop and my marble shelf on my dining hutch are both standard and I love it. I have shaker style cabinets and the clean edge of the cabs and the clean edge of the marble are gorgeous in their simplicity (imho).

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This is a great thread for me too since I have to make a decision on the edging for my countertop....but I have a follow up queston....is there suppose to be plywood on top of the cabinets before the granite counter top is put on?!? Who would be putting the plywood on? My contractor or the fabricator?

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Bumping this up again because I'm trying to pick my edging this week. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pics!!

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@ mpeery1096-- We originally chose full bullnose, I like how it felt, everyone told us about the drips, so then we were pretty set on 1/2 bullnose, mostly because there was no up-charge. Anyways we got one last quote and the fabricator asked what edge I wanted, I said, off the cuff, what I really want is Ogee but can't afford it. He said he would include it at no charge!!! So, so, so glad we ogeed everything, we have a raised bar overlooking the living room. It is beautiful and adds a lot to our granite! Have fun picking out your edge, seems in most cases you WILL love what you go with in the end!

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We ended up with a half bullnose. The fabricator's opinion was that a half bullnose gave a thicker look then the full bullnose, which was what I had originally wanted. I don't know that it really does, but we ended up going with half bullnose for simplicity sake and it was one of the edges with less chance of chipping (so they say).

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I have an eased edge in the Kitchen & Ogee in the Powder Room...

Here's the eased edge in our kitchen:

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I love that book edge that Boxerpups posted! Gorgeous.

Our granite is 3 cm and our cabinets feature lots of straight lines, not to mention the rectangular island. So a basic eased edge showed off the thickness of the granite and beauty of the granite.

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I went with 1/2 bullnose on my namibian gold granite counters.

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I used an eased. We thought it went better with the cab style. Like kitchenaddict, it's 2cm with a seam. We might have done mitred had we not had curves! From remodel

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Does the thickness of the granite or quartz make a difference to your choice? I have ordered a 2cm quartz with an ogee edge (which only added $1.50/inch) but it seems overly fussy to me, and I may switch to a 3cm quartz with the plain (eased?) edge. The kitchen person I dealt with at Lowes didn't recommend adding to make the edge bigger, because of the seam, but that is what every single countertop display has! Will 2cm seem wrong in a kitchen?

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I went with an eased edge. I like the clean simple lines.

I guess you would say my style is classic. I have glazed white cabinets with simple raised panel doors.

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Thanks for this wonderful discussion of countertop styles. I'll soon be ordering my countertops, and there is much to consider! :-)

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Our style is modern/contemporary. We are debating between the 1/4 bevel or the eased edge. I think we might do the 1/4 bevel just to give it that teeny little bit extra, but still have the modern look. I have to make up my mind soon, but its hard! lol

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Hi Everyone
I'm new to gardenweb and love all the discussions; what a fabulous forum this is. So here's my question.... Liking so many styles is it okay to go with a double-ogee cut on island with granite but use a straight edge cut/caesarstone on perimeter?

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why does my fabricator say that he can't do an ogee edge because of the shape of the island??

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Bumping- would love to see if anyone will post more pics.
What's the diff between eased and pencil edges?

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I like the crescent edge after reading this forum. Then I'm going to price out ogee on the island...

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Anyone have pics of the CHISLED EDGE that can be uploaded? Is it a snagger for clothes or rough to the touch?

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Bump! because I'm hoping for more pictures of edges :)
Does anyone have the Normandy or Double Cove edge?

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I chose a mitered edge. Our quartzite is 2cm, but it's built up to almost 3 inches. One thing I bargained for-it had to be built up around the sink too. I hate it when you have a thick edge and then they use only the 2cm at the sink to betray the buildup. I wanted people to think we really had a massive slab! With the miter, you can make it look as thick as you want and the seam is invisible. .

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Learning a lot from this discussion and hoping for more pictures for inspiration so I'm giving it a bump.

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Thank you Island for bumping up this thread as I have been trying to find updates to learn more also about the granite edges and what they look like. Beautiful granite counters and kitchens in this post. Thank you everyone for sharing.

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nice counters, vsalz! so pretty! when you were pricing your mitred edge, did you find that it was pretty pricey compared to an edge that doesn't add more material? what kind of stone is your counter? Looks like a silver travertine? Whatever it is - it is gorgeous.

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Niblickchick- my quote was for whatever edge I wanted, so I don't know if there is a price difference. The stone was marketed as fantasy brown granite but it's classified as a quartzite. It's white, grey green, and brown, but reads fairly white. I loved it the instant I saw it. I had originally planned for antique brown (Maron Cohiba), which I had in my last kitchen. But went light instead. No staining or etching so far.

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boxerpups and jeanteach what is that darker grey granite with white veining that you used. Love it and I'm shopping one like it; Paradiso Silver. Please let me know. Thanks!

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I chose a 1/4 bullnose on the perimeter and small sections; ogee on island and a furniture-like cabinet. We have bianco antico and like bee, agree the ogee really sets off the stone.

Fabricator recommended 1/4 or 1/2 bullnose over the eased edge, because the eased edge being a bit sharper can chip if you bang something into it.

LOVE how ours turned out!

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Vsalz-- I've been looking for others who have used fantasy brown in their kitchens and was so excited to find your picture. My slab has the same colors but the swirls are different. I would love to know how it's been holding up. My slab is on hold but I am so nervous about staining and etching. We are definitely not on top of cleaning the counters right away...

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No pics, but I chose the eased edge.

It was their standard one, and it will match the butcherblock counter edge.

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Holly- Kay

This is timely as there have been a few counter edge questions. Bump.

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Holly-Kay, thanks for bumping this up. Very helpful!

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Hi would any one have any pictures of Fantasy Brown/ Terra Bianca love to see photos of edges. I have just purchased my slabs and I'm getting ready to get the fabricating done want to pick a good edge to show off its beauty!

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Ashley Grace

Bump! Chose my granite slabs (Bianco Antico). Now to choose edges! Y'all have been helpful over the years.

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We went with full bullnose and regretted it immediately, but they charged $400 to change it. After a year of living with it I still regret it but all the times I've hit my hip on it have made me appreciate its roundness :)

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The thing about edges is that you'd better be very sure your material will show it to the greatest advantage. I remember wanting a more intricate edge, but when I saw our finished product, I'm so glad we didn't spend the money.

My granite just wouldn't have been taken up another notch by fancy edging. Other materials and granites really do shine and are worth the money if you have it.

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Susan Scearce

We did ogee on our island, but an eased edge on the surrounding countertops. I'm very happy we mixed and matched, but we also used did color counters for each.

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