Cat Ate Hydrangea

renee_flJune 28, 2010

Approximately four weeks ago my friendÂs elderly cat got sick. He started losing weight quickly and was walking hunched over and seemed disoriented. He was taken to the vet and xrays were taken and blood tests were run and nothing showed up. The thyroid was off but everything else seemed fine. They assumed he may have hurt himself jumping. He was put on Tapazole and given Metacam to use as needed for pain. He didnÂt appear to improve although he did have a couple of good days here and there and he has very little appetite.

Today she realized that her cat may have had access to and eaten part of a hydrangea which is toxic. She is convinced that is what happened. She has a call in to her vet and is waiting for her to call back.

Is there anything that can be done at this point if in fact that is what happened??

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I grow ornamental plants for a living, and am also a pet owner. The best advice to give anyone who thinks their pets may have ingested a toxic plant is to call their vet immediately. Sometimes getting the stomach purged is the most effective thing you can do to prevent or lessen the consequences. This is especially important for certain plants where there is no effective antidote, and the only treatment is supportive care and good luck.

I don't freak out at all the outside plants with potential toxicity so much as I do those typically brought into the house where a house kitty is tempted to chew anything green. Some cats tend to do this, some don't. But, one of mine was a chewer and I took care to be sure bouquets and potted material was at least not dangerously toxic.

Hope the kitty improves, and this is a question best left to her vet to answer.

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Yes, the vet should know about the hydrangea possibility.
However, be aware that oral metacam can have very serious side effects on a cat's kidneys and liver, especially an older cat, and a sick cat (with no diagnosis).
Hope this cat will be O.K.,

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