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texasredheadJune 23, 2011

Almost afraid to open this can of worms again. We have been feeding our two Corgis the Costco brand food for some time. Am considering other options as one of our guys is a little over weight.

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The reason dogs get overweight is not the food, it is too much food along with too little exercise.

I have awhippet mix who needs a LOT of exercise. I cannot daily do that enough sometimes.

She has a tendency to self regulate her amount of food, refusing to eat sometimes. Our GSD mix does the same, sometimes leaving as much as half his food.

They do that especially after a couple of rainy days when they don't want to go outside safe to do their business.

We had a chihuahua mix who would eat as long as there was anything edible within his reach. He made the ripe old age of 20 and was maybe half a pound overweight---amount of food plus exercise based on his activity level.

I do feel the proliferation of diets for dogs is much more marketing than genuine nutrition. Puppy food needs to have more fats/protein than adult food. Past that, decent food is decent food.

That chihuahua we had got the same Pedigree(smaller chunk type) as the Lab/chow mix and the GSD mix we have now. Mixed with canned food.

The whippet has to have lamb, so her brand of dry is different, as is her canned.

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Like handymac said, it's usually not just the food.

I have two dogs, a border collie and an aussie mix. They weigh within half a pound of each other. One gets two cups of food a day plus salmon oil, the other gets only 1.5 cups a day. The difference is all due to activity level.

It's hard sometimes because Layla (Aussie mix) is a chow hound and always acts like she has never been fed before and will never be fed again. She licks her bowl clean and then waits until Bo is done so she can polish his bowl as well.

Just try cutting back the chunky pup's food a bit if otherwise they are doing well on it. And of course, more exercise is always good!

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Corgis have a tendency to run a bit on the pudgy side if they dont get enough daily exercise, the breed was meant to work an 8 to 10 hour day so they really need to have alot of outside time. Although I am not a great fan of Costco brand food, I have seen much worse

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My Corgis are walked a mile dailey!

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walking a mile a day for a corgi is nothing when you consider what they were bred for.

if the food agrees with them, simply lessen the amount they get. you can add low sodium canned green beans as a "filler". this is what i did with my 2 corgis and i do it now with my danes. they are raw fed but they get green beans sometimes when they inhale their meals and still act hungry.

would LOVE to see pics of your corgis!!!

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Nice information. I really don't know why my dog is starting to gained weight. Then I started to use all natural foods like what i have read on some natural pet food reviews

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