Why does my cat have dandruff?

linnea56June 30, 2009

ItÂs really bad. ItÂs on the middle of her back down to the tail, which are the parts she canÂt really reach to groom. Obviously I canÂt use a human dandruff shampoo on an animal that grooms herself, so what can I use? (Or can I...if itÂs rinsed off really well? I donÂt want to poison my cat. ) I know dandruff is a fungal infection in humans, I assume thatÂs true in cats as well.

I went to the pet supply place but they had nothing. Only flea shampoo.

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It could be diet related. If she eats mostly dry food, try gradually switching her to a quality canned food. Also, there is a product called DermCaps...its fatty acids that comes in either capsule (which may be too big for cats to swallow) or liquid that comes with an oral syringe. It can also be mixed in with food.

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My cats who are too plump to reach back there to groom usually have this condition. I just brush them real well with a wire brush about once a week. They love it and thank me by "chattering their teeth." Y'all know what that is, right? When the scratch feels so good they can't stand it. LOL

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I'm thinking that it's diet too, or very dry air or both.

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This article talks about the overweight issue. Is your cat overweight and unable to reach back there? If not, then it could be another cause. My cats eat premium food so I know it's not diet or other disease. As long as I brush Gracie regularly the dandruff is to a minimum and the oiliness is less.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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How interesting! As a matter of fact she IS overweight. She is on phenobarbitol 2 x a day, which stimulates her appetite. Since she was put on it she gained about 3 pounds, mostly right away. I now ration her food carefully and she is gradually losing the weight. She gets half moist canned food and half dry. When she was still a slim, fit kitty she did not have dandruff. She is definitely not as flexible as she used to be. I brush her but not as much as I should. She bites if I try to brush certain parts, which happen to be the dandruff-affected zones. Now I recall that my dadÂs very fat cat also had dandruff.

Before posting here I had been thinking about giving her some cod liver oil or fish oil, like piercing a capsule and drizzling it on her food. I just donÂt know how much. (I was thinking that might be good for her hairballs too, and better than the mineral oil containing preparation I give her now for that. )

Thanks for the link, too. It looks like this problem is quite common.

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