For Anyone Thinking of Getting a Dog

MizAnnThropeJune 29, 2013

Please watch at least one of the amazing and compelling videos on the attached site. There are so, so many wonderful dogs out there in the world that have been through so much and are looking to be loved. They will give you way more than you will give them. Please consider adoption.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hope for Paws

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Thanks for posting this site

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Warning--get out the kleenex first!!

My new dog is a rescue, just 48 hours away from being put down, and we love him to pieces. Can't recommend a rescue dog enough!

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aww, fiona looks gorgeous, such a cutie

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Fiona is my favorite - precious little thing. When they first walk up to her and she sits up, breaks my freakin heart. How I wish that I could win the lottery and do what these people do - times 100.

Please, please adopt!!!!!!

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